Top 10 Worst Chelsea signings ever: Chelsea transfer news

Top 10 Worst Chelsea signings ever!

Who are the Top 10 worst Chelsea signings ever? Which Chelsea players have been the worst signings? Who are the top 10 worst Chelsea signings ever?

Here we will look at who are the Top 10 Worst Chelsea signings ever. The price of the player, their contribution to the team, and their overall play will contribute to their ranking on this list.

There have been a lot of good signings that Chelsea have made but they have also signed some real flops! Recently Chelsea have made some pretty bad purchases- Tiemoue Bakayoko and Fernando Torres come to mind. So here we will look at who the worst Chelsea signings ever are.

Current Worst Signing

  1. Tiemoue Bakayoko: Signed three seasons back he was horrible in midfield and was shipped to Milan. However, in Chelsea jersey, he lost more balls than passes he made. After failing at Milan, he is now out on loan at AS Monaco.
  2. Alvaro Morata: Record signing who failed and complained about everything from mental health to back pain to bad manager but could not find the back off the net or stay onside.
  3. Danny Drinkwater: Signed from the PL champions team Leicester City, he made under 10 appearances. Now he is off form, off the pace and gets caught drunken driving or partying in clubs but ends up weekly to take a certain percentage of his wage from Chelsea. The other share of his wage comes from Burnley where he is currently out on loan at but never plays.

Now let us look at the all-time worst signings.

So here are the Top 10 Worst Chelsea signings ever:

Number Ten- Juan Sebastian Veron

Worst Chelsea signings ever

The Argentine star just couldn’t cope with life in England, failing to live up to the £15 million price tag after he arrived at Chelsea. Moving from Lazio, he was a lethal midfielder in his day.

But at Chelsea he just didn’t do it. Between 2003-and 2007 he only made seven appearances and scored one goal for Chelsea as he went on loan for three seasons.

Number Nine-Yossi Benayoun

Top 10 Worst Chelsea signings ever Yossi Benayoun

Yossi Benayoun was actually a good player and I used to love watching him play. His creativity in the midfield and his passing ability was reminiscent of that of Cesc Fabregas. But for whatever reason, Benayoun just couldn’t make it at Chelsea. He was rarely in the starting line up and failed to get a run of games in the first team.

Benayoun eventually went on loan to Arsenal-a damning indictment of how bad of a signing he was.



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