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Longest serving Chelsea managers under Roman Abramovich

Longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich? A lot of Chelsea Managers have been sacked by Abramovich. Which Chelsea manager is the longest serving manager under Roman Abramovich? Here we take a look at the longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich.

How many managers have Chelsea had under Abramovich?

Roman Abramovich Longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich

How many managers have Chelsea had under Abramovich? Chelsea have had ten different managers since Roman Abramoch took over in 2003.

The first Chelsea manager under Abramovich was Claudio Ranieri. He was the first victim of Abramovich’s ruthlessness.

Nine different managers would then go onto manage Chelsea – including two managers who managed Chelsea twice (Jose Mourinho and Guus Hiddink).

First Chelsea managers under Abramovich?

Longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich Claudio Ranieri

Who where the first Chelsea managers under Abramovich? If you look back at all the Chelsea FC past managers under Abramovich… not many have lasted long under Roman Abramovich. Roman Abramovich sacked Claudio Ranieri after just one season under the Russian owner.

Jose Mourinho would then come to the club after winning the Champions League for Porto. Mourinho won two Premier League titles in his first two seasons (the first Premier League title for Chelsea in 50 years).

Didier Drogba about Chelsea FC managers under Abramovich

Longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich

Didier Drogba commented on Roman Abramovich’s habit of sacking all the former Chelsea managers. In-fact, Didier Drogba revealed once that he’d asked Mr Abramovich why he kept sacking managers. Drogba said:

“Everyone says Chelsea isn’t very stable. “But in modern-day football, there is no coach who lasts more than three or four years at a club.

“I asked him [Abramovich]: ‘We have had how many managers in how many seasons? He replied’: “But Didier, each time I have done it, we have got results”.’

Longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich since 2004

Which Chelsea managers lasted the longest under Roman Abramovich? Which previous Chelsea managers lasted the longest? Here we take a look at the Longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich. This includes all Chelsea FC managers last ten years.

Longest serving Chelsea managers under Abramovich

Chelsea managers since Abramovich? Here are all Chelsea managers since Abramovich:

Chelsea FC Managers under Abramovich From Until Matches
José Mourinho 02/06/04 19/09/07 185
José Mourinho 03/06/13 17/12/15 136
Carlo Ancelotti 01/06/09 22/05/11 109
Antonio Conte 03/07/16 25/06/18 106
Claudio Ranieri 01/06/03 31/05/04 58
Avram Grant 20/09/07 24/05/08 54
Rafael Benítez 21/11/12 27/05/13 48
Maurizio Sarri 30/06/18 Present 45
Roberto Di Matteo 04/03/12 21/11/12 42
André Villas-Boas 22/06/11 04/03/12 40
Luiz Felipe Scolari 01/07/08 09/02/09 36
Guus Hiddink 19/12/15 16/05/16 27
Guus Hiddink 16/02/09 30/05/09 22

Longest-lasting managers under Roman Abramovich (Chelsea managers under Roman Abramovich).

1. Jose Mourinho is the longest serving manager under Abramovich

Longest serving chelsea managers of all-time Jose Mourinho Abramovich Chelsea managers

Jose Mourinho is one of the Chelsea FC best managers. Mourinho’s two spells as manager at the club are still the longest-each. Mourinho’s two spells at the club are the two longest spells of all of the Chelsea FC football managers.

From 2004-2007, the special one managed 185 games. This makes him the top of the longest serving managers under Roman Abramovich. It also makes him the ninth overall longest serving Chelsea manager of all-time.

Mourinho is also considered the best Chelsea manager ever under Roman Abramovich. Jose Mourinho also has the highest win percentage of all of the Chelsea managers under Abramovich.

Mourinho has now moved onto Manchester United which did not sit well with many Chelsea fans. The Portuguese boss even taunted the Chelsea fans by stating “Judas is still number one”.

Mourinho has also been in a war of words with Chelsea boss Antonio Conte this season. Mourinho implied that Conte was a ‘clown” for his celebration antics. Additionally, Mourinho taunted Conte about his match fixing scandal in Italy.

2. Second longest-serving manager under Roman Abramovich: Carlo Ancelotti

Carlo Ancelotti is the third longest serving chelsea managers under roman abramovich Ray Wilkins Abramovich Chelsea managers

Carlo Ancelotti has managed the third most games for Chelsea under Roman Abramovich. He is the second manager though with the most games under the Russian owner.

The Italian was known for his attacking style of football. In his first season in charge, Chelsea scored 103 goals- a Premier League record.

Ancelotti managed 109 games for Chelsea. Ancelottti was sacked after finishing second in the Premier League which a lot of fans say was harsh.

Ancelotti was one of the only former Chelsea managers who won the double- The Premier League title and FA Cup in the same season.

Carlo Ancelotti is one of the best Italian Chelsea managers and one of Chelsea FC best managers under Abramovich.

3. Antonio Conte is the third longest-serving manager under Roman Abramovich

longest serving chelsea managers under abramovich Antonio Conte Abramovich Chelsea managers last ten years

Antonio Conte is the third longest serving Chelsea manager under Roman Abramovich.

Conte won the Premier League title in the first season he arrived at Chelsea. The following season did not go to plan however. He still ended up with the FA Cup before being sacked by Chelsea.

Conte had ongoing issues with the Chelsea board throughout 2017/18. He was in charge for 106 games and has a legal battle going on with Chelsea over unpaid fees.

Next Chelsea managers under Abramovich

It looks as if Sarri is going to be yet another sacking victim under Roman Abramovich. Another great Chelsea Italian manager will be sacked too.

So who will manage Chelsea FC next season? Well we have articles on the possible Chelsea managers next season. We also have the next potential Chelsea managers odds here.

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