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Frank Lampard Picks Out Youngster To Have A ‘Huge Influence’ This Season

Frank Lampard Picks Out Youngster To Have A 'Huge Influence' This Season

Frank Lampard believes Mason Mount can be largely influential for Chelsea in the 2019/20 season.

Mount turned up huge for Derby County last season, in their bid for promotion under the current Blues boss. Then he got named in the starting lineup of Chelsea’s opening day fixture against Manchester United.

Lampard criticism over picking Mount in the first place but he defended his decision in public. Speaking ahead of the UEFA Super Cup defeat to Liverpool, the 41-year-old said, “His attitude is so good. He’s so hungry but he’s very understanding of what he needs to be a player.

“He trains every day with absolute application and focus. The impact when he came on Wednesday (UEFA Super Cup defeat to Liverpool), and the way he played against Manchester United, gives me confidence that this will be the season for him.

“Will he start every game? Probably not. But if he carries on the way he’s going, he’s going to be a huge influence for us this season.”

Of course, the long line of injuries has helped Mount make a case for himself in front of the Stamford Bridge faithful. Callum Hudson-Odoi is still recovering from and Achilles tear and Ruben Loftus-Cheek is expected to miss the majority of the season.

That could give a chance to star more often in the attacking midfield position if Lampard frequently chooses to implement the 4-2-3-1 formation.

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Frank Lampard Defends Decision Of Playing Kante In Advanced Role

Frank Lampard Defends Decision Of Playing Kante In Advanced Role

Frank Lampard is standing firm against criticisms over N’Golo Kante being played in a box-to-box role.

He selected the Frenchman in the exact same position for Chelsea’s UEFA Super Cup tie against Liverpool on Wednesday. Many pundits and fans expressed their disapproval last season when they observed a similar tactic by Maurizio Sarri.

Kante, who is primarily a defensive midfielder was made to play in a more advanced role while Jorginho was allowed to operate in a deep-lying playmaker capacity. Of course, Chelsea were, by no means, slowed down in their pursuit of a European trophy this week.

Instead, many would argue that the Blues put up a solid fight against Liverpool and could have easily come away with the winner’s medal. When asked about Kante’s positioning, Lampard defended his decision by saying, “It’s been a discussion that has been over-talked at times last year and that was me watching it from the outside. The important thing for me with all of our midfield is that we have a flexibility and nobody is pinned down to an absolute structure.

“I think we saw elements of that against Liverpool where the players have a freedom to use their attributes. The idea that he wins the ball probably as well as anybody in world football doesn’t mean that he has to sit in front of the back four and do that.

“He also has it in his game to drive forward with the ball, to lead midfield areas and win the ball back high up the pitch. That’s what I want to give him the freedom to do.”

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Rodgers backs ‘perfect’ Lampard for Chelsea job

Rodgers backs 'perfect' Lampard for Chelsea job

Brendan Rodgers, manager of Leicester City and former assistant coach of Chelsea has backed Lampard as a perfect fit for the Chelsea job.

“I think Frank has done very well since he has gone in,” Rodgers, a former Chelsea youth coach, told a news conference ahead of Leicester’s trip to the Bridge this weekend.

“This is a team that finished third and won the Europa League. I think Frank is perfect for it. He and Jody [Morris], they understand the fabric of Chelsea, what it’s about.

“You go with your gut feeling. He’s been around a long time. He understands the club, the expectancy.

“He’s a hero for the supporters. He’ll want to win and succeed as a manager. He’s got great staff around him who also understand Chelsea and then he’ll have that support.”

“I don’t think it will have a bearing,” Rodgers added about the Chelsea stars missing in the current squad. “They will have the squad to cope with that, when you’re in European competitions you have to have the squad to compete in that. They’ll be looking to put on a good performance in their first home game under Frank.”

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5 Players Chelsea must sell

5 Players Chelsea must sell

A lot has been made of Chelsea being unable to sign players this summer.

The Blues were slammed with a transfer ban this summer which will see them banned from signing players next year January as well. The ban will only lift next year which means Chelsea will have to do with what they have right now.

While it can be accepted, that the Blues squad is low on quality, there is a much bigger problem to solve, the size of the squad.

Despite having a ban, Chelsea had plenty to choose from as no less than 38 players were due to return from loan this summer to a squad which already had 26 players registered. That made it a total of 64 players, roughly four match day squads to choose from for Chelsea.

Despite this, Chelsea do not have the quality to start a quality striker or a world class winger. Yes, this must mean that the transfer strategies have gone horribly wrong and before Chelsea buy next, they must sell, sell all they can to lighten that ridiculously big squad size. It would not only make the job of the manager and the coaching staff easy to track less players but better but it also would help the Blues board cut down on some expensive wages.

Here are five players who do not add anything to the club and Chelsea must sell:

  1. Tiemoue Bakayoko

The Frenchman was a classic sign of how Chelsea’s youth policy system is flawed and has no basic science behind it. Chelsea harp and harp about wanting young players to develop football but all that is just another word used by the board to increase the longevity of their assets in terms of business.

Just hear out the Bakayoko story and you can make up your own mind. Chelsea had a good solid defensive midfield player in Nemanja Matic. The Serbian was a solid player who had his flaws like other average players but was good enough to play for at least 3 more seasons for Chelsea. He was nearing his thirties however which was all Chelsea could see.

Chelsea knew that their asset Matic had served its purpose and it was time to dispose of him. Instead they were being offered the then Ligue 1 Champion’s dynamic defensive midfielder Tiemoue Bakayoko. Bakayoko was an unproven talent who had only impressed in a handful of matches in France. However, because Bakayoko was young, Chelsea wasted no time in signing him and shipped off Matic.

The deal worsened for the Blues as then Chelsea boss Antonio Conte openly criticized Chelsea’s decision to sell Matic to a direct rival in Manchester United. However, all the Blues could see that was they had suffered zero losses in the Matic deal and bought themselves a player six years younger in the process. Chelsea’s plan fell on their face as their asset Bakayoko failed to provide even one match of good service.

Since then, the player has shown that he is not ready for Chelsea’s standard of football, has been loaned out to AC Milan who did not want him back this season. This season, despite trying all summer Chelsea has been unable to sell their “young replacement”
of Matic. Bakayoko continues to train with the squad and eat a large share of the wage bill while Matic still starts for United.

Good business, gentleman. Maybe resign from the board in shame now?

2. Marcos Alonso

The left back may have been hot stuff under Antonio Conte in his first season but since then has waned considerably. His lack of pace and defensvei frailty has been found. He is not the fastest player on the pitch which is criminal for a full back in the Premier League. Chelsea need a top defender in that left back and Alonso must make way.

3. Pedro

The former Barcelona man blows hot and cold. More often than not he is cold and barring a few exceptional goals, he loses the ball too many times in big matches. He offers too less for a senior winger in the team and Lampard’s young team needs more dynamism up front.

4. Danny Drinkwater

The former Leicester man had a flop move to Chelsea. From playing little under Conte to not playing under Sarri and now being loaned out by Lampard, he is just not the right fit for the Blues. He has a huge wage bill on him and Chelsea must find a way to off load him.

5. Davide Zappacosta

Another pointless signing made by the Blues as Zappacosta is very limited player. He can only and only play as a wing back, not even a full back; that too not a good wing back. To cost as much as he did is not good value for Chelsea in this market. He rarely even makes the squad these days and Chelsea can do without him.


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Kante reveals Lampard’s midfield tactics

Kante reveals Lampard's midfield tactics

N’Golo Kante has revealed that Chelsea’s new coach Frank Lampard has asked him to play a similar role to the one he used to play under former Blues boss Maurizio Sarri.

Kante is widely known as the best defensive midfielder in the world but Sarri had used Kante earlier in an advanced midfield role which many pundits had disagreed with. However, Kante has now clarified that he enjoys the role.

‘I like to play in this position, this is where I played last year,’ Kante told Goal. ‘The coach asked me to play in this positon, I like to do it. ‘I know what to do with my teammates and we played a good game tonight.’

The midfielder played a brilliant 120 minutes against Liverpool in the UEFA Super Cup final and Lampard was full of praise for the Frenchman despite Chelsea losing the match on penalties.

“Kante is an amazing player, amazing character. He’s a machine on the football field. He hasn’t trained much, had a swollen ankle two days ago, but he was desperate to play and you saw what he gave to the team today. He will be hugely important. I am delighted to work with him.”

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Captain America confident about Chelsea despite tough start

Captain America confident about Chelsea despite tough start

Christian Pulisic is optimistic about Chelsea despite beginning his Blues career with two straight defeats.

“It’s been great working with him,” the USMNT international said regarding Chelsea boss Lampard. “We’ve learned a lot so far and I think you can see the team forming. We have a lot of great players which makes it easier. We’re on a good path.”

“It was harsh on us,” he added. “A few things just didn’t go our way, a few decisions and in the end, to lose on penalties, that’s just how it goes. But we can be really proud of how we played. I don’t feel that we had a fair result at Old Trafford either. We’ve been creating enough chances to win these games and we just have to keep going and keep fighting.”

Speaking about the penalty miss on Abraham, “It’s penalties, man – somebody has to miss,” he said. “He’s going to get his head up. Obviously it’s tough but penalties are like that. He can deal with it and he’ll be fine. He’ll move on, he’ll score a goal in the next game and everything will be forgotten. We’re there for him.”

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Chelsea misspells name of Jorginho on kit

© Bildbyrån

If you watched yesterday’s UEFA Super Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool, you might have noticed that something was wrong with Jorginho’s shirt.

He’s a famous name in football, but on Wednesday night, Jorginho went by a slightly different name.

Chelsea’s kitman misspelled the name of midfielder Jorginho. His number 5 kit featured “Jorghino” instead of “Jorginho.”

The Italian midfielder was “victim” of the kit makers’ mistake as in the case of Ibrahimovic with Los Angeles Galaxy. The Swedish striker’s LA Galaxy jersey had him going by “Irbahimovic” for a home match against Toronto FC.


Logically, the mistake got people talking on social media. Fans were quick to notice the typo. They went to Twitter to call out their club for spelling the Italian midfielder’s name wrong.

Pictures online show that his name has been spelled as ‘Jorghino’ instead of Jorginho — and the embarrassing error has sent social media into overdrive.

Jorginho, who laughed off the spelling error on the back of his shirt, made it a personal goal back in the spring to convince Chelsea fans of his own qualities. Having put in his best performances in a Chelsea shirt in the Europa League final last season as well as the Super Cup last night, he’s indeed showing that those intentions weren’t just talk.



Lampard proud of unlucky Chelsea performance

Lampard proud of unlucky Chelsea performance

Frank Lampard felt his side were unlucky not to have snatched the game away from Liverpool.

‘I respect Liverpool and they had chances in the game but it was clear to me that we were the stronger team,’ he claimed. ‘We had some bad luck at times and maybe some bad finishing which we need to be more clinical with but my overall feeling from the game is one of pride in the team performance.

‘I don’t like losing, I’m a terrible loser and we all are at Chelsea. We wanted to win this game but we were unfortunate so I’m happy with the players. If that’s a sign of what we can do this season – and we will get better – then it’s a really good sign.’

‘I told him not to worry,’ he said after Abraham missed the fifth penalty. ‘The fact that he’s confident and wants to step up to take the fifth penalty is pleasing to me. I’ve been there myself, anyone can miss a penalty, but what I want is the confidence of a young player to turn up and do that.

‘It’s part and parcel of being a player at the top level, which is what Tammy now is. These moments come and we have to be supportive of him because that’s football.’

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Kante, Pulisic big positives for Chelsea: Lampard

Kante, Pulisic big positives for Chelsea: Lampard

Frank Lampard hailed the displays of N’Golo Kante and Christian Pulisic.

“He is an amazing player and character, he just wants to play,” Lampard said of Kante. “He is humble in his life, but on the pitch he is a machine.

“Of course, he will be hugely important. This is a player who hasn’t trained much, had a swollen ankle on Tuesday evening and he wanted to play today and managed 120 minutes. You saw what he brings to the team. There will be more as he hasn’t trained much.

“I am delighted to work with him, I respect him so much as a player and now it is really nice to work with him. He will be really big for us.”

Lampard also said he is very excited by Pulisic.

“I was pleased and there is a lot more to come,” Lampard told reporters. “The expectancy is right, he is a big signing for us but you have to remember his age. He’s 20 and come into the league, into this game, against Liverpool, one of the most intense teams in football.

“It took a bit of time early in the game to get his feeling. But once he did, you could see his confidence in carrying the ball and to create.

“I am really happy with him. There is lots, lots more to come, again all the good signs for what he can be for the club.”


Dave backs his youngsters to succeed at Chelsea

Dave backs his youngsters to succeed at Chelsea

Cesar Azpilicueta has given his vote of confidence to Tammy Abraham and Mason Mount.

“If they are here it is because they deserve to be. They are fighting in every training session. We trust in them,” Azpilicueta said.

“All the boys, they train to play for the Chelsea first team since they were young and now we have a massive opportunity to create a fantastic group, to learn from every game.

“Obviously everyone would like to start in a better way but we have to face the reality and become stronger from it.”

Ahead of their final against Liverpool, the captain has asked his team to give it all.

“We know that Chelsea always fights for everything. When you don’t win, the questions around get more and more but we have to cope with it,” he said.

“We know that playing for Chelsea requires your best effort in every game so we have to learn from the game.

“We know that we can improve. We have to face it, take the responsibility and move forward. We have a trophy to fight for on Wednesday against a good team and we have to be ready for it.”

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