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Chelsea, United, Spurs to miss out on top 4: Merson

Chelsea, United, Spurs to miss out on top 4: Merson

Chelsea, Manchester United and Tottenham have all been slammed by Paul Merson for not having a good striker.

“It was a big win for Manchester United at Chelsea, but they weren’t good. They’re two just-above average teams, if I’m being honest. United winning just covers over the cracks, while Chelsea losing means you start seeing the cracks.”

“If Chelsea put their chances away in the first half, the game’s over, but they didn’t. Harry Maguire should’ve been sent off and he then scores, so there were a lot of things where you could say with Chelsea they could’ve won the game.”

“With Manchester United, you’re talking about one of the biggest clubs in the world not having a centre forward. They’re playing with Daniel James up front, who sooner or later has to be taken out of the team. You feel sorry for the lad, now. He looks a bit lost if I’m honest – he needs a break.”

“He’s playing all the time but his game is based on sheer pace. It won’t bring you much alone in the Premier League, and I feel for him. He needs to be brought out of the team but they’ve haven’t got anyone to bring in for him. Anthony Martial scored his header, but barring that he wasn’t anywhere near it. Give him credit for the goal, but he offered nothing else.”

“When you look at Chelsea, you’re not going to get into the top four with Michy Batshuayi up front. He’s not good enough, so you’re looking at two teams who are so weak up front, that I honestly think Sheffield United have every chance this season. Neither Chelsea nor Manchester United seem to have the guile to break teams down.”

“I know Tottenham create chances and score goals but I look back at the Aston Villa game, and they were on the rack at 1-0. For 30 minutes, Villa were all over them, and if they go 2-0 up, it’s a different game. Spurs only won through bad defending.”

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Chelsea took action against homophobic Man United fans

Chelsea took action against homophobic Man United fans

Chelsea reportedly kicked several Manchester United out of Stamford Bridge on Monday for homophobic chants.

A statement released by the Blues on Tuesday night said: ‘At last night’s (Monday’s) match a large group of Manchester United supporters made unacceptable homophobic chants.

A number of these away supporters were prevented from entering the stadium and others were ejected during the game.

‘This behaviour will not be tolerated at Chelsea Football Club. Those supporters will be banned from attending matches at Stamford Bridge in future, and in cooperation with Manchester United we have passed the details of those supporters to them so they can take appropriate action.’

A statement from Kick It Out after that game read: “We have informed the FA, and reiterate our message: the ‘Rent Boy’ chant is homophobic and must be treated as such.”

Stonewall’s director of sport Robbie de Santos said to Sky Sports: “[With] this particular chant a lot of people say that they don’t understand what is meant by the chant.

“That doesn’t make it excusable but it shows that part of the solutions to stopping this chant is to make sure that people understand what the implications of the word rent boy actually mean.

“To understand that it is homophobic and biphobic and to make sure that they remember that if they are even thinking about joining in.

“It is really important that we continue to see action against these chants.

“It comes down to steward training and making sure that all of those staff that are involved in live sport events are really clear and confident that anti-LGBT language has no place in football or any other sport. It needs to be treated just as severely as any other form of discrimination.”

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Chelsea Need To ‘Wake Up’ – Matteo Kovacic

Chelsea Need To 'Wake Up' - Matteo Kovacic

Matteo Kovacic has urged his Chelsea teammates to “wake up” or lose out on top four.

The Blues fell to a single point’s worth of difference between them and Tottenham Hotspur after a 2-0 defeat to Manchester United.

It marked their ninth defeat of the Premier League season closing the gap down for all the top four chasers – Everton, Wolves, Sheffield United, Manchester United and Arsenal.

“We are still fourth so we are still in a good position but we need to wake up because they are coming from behind,” the Croatian told Chelsea TV. “We need to play these next games like we were playing in the beginning of the season and change some things as well, obviously.

“We need to improve a lot because we have tough games ahead of us and we have to be focused. We have to train hard every day, to prepare our games better and try to avoid our mistakes because we are making too many mistakes in these kind of matches and you get punished.

“We have a good week ahead of us to prepare for Tottenham and to play a good match. We know this match means a lot for us because Tottenham are close behind us so we need to prepare ourselves quite a lot to win this game at home.”

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Injury pile-ups concerning for Chelsea

Injury pile-ups concerning for Chelsea

Chelsea began the season extremely undersized on the squad front. 

They had a transfer embargo which meant that the Blues could not sign any player. They were also under fire since their best player Eden Hazard had left. Frank Lampard, the new boss had come and was doing his best to work out the way.

He had done pretty well until December when things started falling apart thanks to injuries and bad form. 

The Chelsea season has been plagued with injuries. Chelsea missed their senior centre back Antonio Rudiger for a majority of the season. Zouma, Tomori, Christensen has gone through injuries in bits and parts. James was missing the first part of the season. Kante has been injured no less than 4 times this season and is currently out. 

Ruben Loftus-Cheek is not yet back from the injury he suffered last April. In attack, Tammy Abraham is clearly burned out and now injured. Callum Hudson-Odoi is out now and was out in the beginning of the season as well. New signing Christian Pulisic has missed close to two months via injury.

Whatever training is happening and the medical staff is doing, Chelsea need to keep a better check on their system.

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John Terry slams Christensen as well as Rudiger for defensive errors in United’s 2-0 loss

John Terry slams Christensen as well as Rudiger for defensive errors in United's 2-0 loss
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The Blues have lost the grand Premier League derby.

And now the English legend has criticized the defensive duo.

Former Chelsea captain John Terry has blamed defender Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen for his side’s loss to Manchester United at the Stamford Bridge on Monday. Rudiger failed to track Anthony Martial for United’s first goal and Terry wasn’t pleased with the German in his post-match analysis.

Terry said on DAZN: “Got to think disappointed. Two in the box against six is disappointing to start with. But I think if you look at Rudiger in the build-up to that, the ball goes wide and he kind of gets sucked out into an area where he’s not really going to affect it. He can pass him on.

Asked if a knock to Christensen impacted him stopping Martial, Terry added: “Quite possibly. Listen it’s good movement, it’s a great ball into the box and a great header.

“But can he more aggressive? Yeah, ideally I’d like to see that from him. Does this [the bloody nose] affect him? Clearly because he goes off and he’s kind of holding it seconds before Wan-Bissaka gets his cross into the box.

“But I was just saying to the lads, they’re ones where you want to get up and not even go off the pitch, just stay on the pitch with a little bit of blood running down your face and get on with it.”


What is going wrong for Frank at Chelsea?

What is going wrong for Frank at Chelsea?

When the season started, Chelsea were all but written off for even top 6.

Transfer ban, inexperienced squad, novice manager, Hazard gone – Chelsea’s worst state in the last 15 years. Lampard stepped up with the same coldness he had on his face during the numerous penalties he took for the club and much like from the spot, even from the dugout, he has slotted it home for the first four months despite the odd defeats.

However, over the last two months, further injuries, player fatigues and limited resources have seen Lampard’s men slump down to collect 15 points in 13 games. What is going wrong?

As a Chelsea fan, this is what I feel. 

The pressure to make top 4 is actually going to make it more difficult for these kids. They should be just sent out to play the good one touch and free flowing stuff without over emphasizing on results.

I think we’re digging our own graves by hammering it into the players to play good and deliver results. They’ve been told for 6 months to play to a style. Now suddenly we can’t expect them to switch modes like top pros. It’ll take time for this team.

What do you think?

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What Lampard biggest problem is at Chelsea

What Lampard biggest problem is at Chelsea

Jamie Carragher highlights what problem exactly Lampard is facing at Chelsea.

“I said at the start of the season, I felt if Chelsea finished in the top four and got Champions League Frank Lampard would have done a brilliant job,” he told Sky Sports prior to Chelsea’s Premier League game against Manchester United.

“And they’re fourth in the table now.

“Even listening to Frank’s comments before the game, he’s still slightly disappointed in that he feels they should be away from the rest of the sides in that fourth position.

“They’ve been inconsistent very up and down, certainly in the last 12 or 13 games.

“They just sign a winger from Ajax for next season, there’s talk about them speaking to Jadon Sancho and even another striker. And yes, I think they do need all that.

“But the biggest problem for me, from day one for Chelsea and this Frank Lampard Chelsea team is defensively.

“They’re not good enough defensively. And this is a player that played in some of the strongest defensive teams under Jose Mourinho.

“Clean sheets is really poor, five in the Premier League. They’ve actually got seven clean sheets in 36 games this season in all competitions, nowhere near good enough.”

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John Terry Outlined Rudiger’s Faults In 2-0 United Loss

John Terry Outlined Rudiger's Faults In 2-0 United Loss

John Terry was called into the studio to analyse Chelsea’s game against Manchester United on Monday night.

Unfortunately for the Englishman, the result went against his former team. Anthony Martial and Harry Maguire led the Red Devils to a win at Stamford Bridge.

Of course, some of the Blues fans were singled out for criticism. Frank Lampard was without the likes of Tammy Abraham, Callum Hudson-Odoi and Christian Pulisic which meant he was limited with his options on the bench. But one player who disappointed many, according to Terry was Antonio Rudiger. 

“I think if you look at Rudiger in the build-up to that, the ball goes wide and he kind of gets sucked out into an area where he’s not really going to affect it. He can pass him on,” the former Blues captain noted. “If you could have Rudiger just outside the six-yard box, just to stop that run across, Martial then can’t make that run across and that just allows that second centre-half to go touch-tight and be more aggressive with him.”

John Terry certainly voiced the feelings of many Chelsea fans as United completed a double over them for the first time since the 1987-88 season.

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Maguire should’ve been sent off: Lampard

Maguire should've been sent off: Lampard

Harry Maguire was a lucky fellow to be on the pitch, according to Frank Lampard.

Maguire was clearly the guilty party for kicking into Batshuayi for no reason on the touchline but the referee decided to ignore the action.

“Harry Maguire should have been sent off, that’s clear, and that obviously changes the game.

“[Cesar] Azpilicueta gets shoved [into Brandon Williams] so [Kurt Zouma’s] goal should stand. Giroud was a toenail offside and that one I understand. That’s the rule now.

“I don’t get why they aren’t looking at the monitor. It should be used.”

Lampard also bemoaned his side’s failure to turn the chances into goals.

“It was a tough night for Batshuayi,” Lampard said. “Strikers are judged on goals, it’s a fact.

“We need goals from forward areas and we haven’t had that this season. We can’t rely on Tammy Abraham all season. You get judged as an attacker on goals.”

“It’s tough to take on lots of levels, some footballing, some others. It’s football and it’s life. I’m not complaining about any work ethic from the lads, their heads are down in there. It’s a tough night for us.

“It’s not a 2-0 game. We have a feeling of Groundhog Day in the stadium. I don’t know how many shots we had but it was a lot. If we don’t score, you can’t win football games. They get clearer every week. We are fourth and the season starts here. People didn’t expect us to be fourth but we are.

“We are fourth because of some of the good stuff we have done and because of the nature of the league with everyone taking points off each other. I’m not soft, I can criticise the team. We can bemoan our luck sometimes, yes, but if we are not finishing chances we can’t win games. I feel like a broken record.”

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Frank Lampard Says Chelsea’s ‘Season Starts’ After Controversial Defeat To Manchester United

Frank Lampard Says Chelsea's 'Season Starts' After Controversial Defeat To Manchester United

Frank Lampard stated that Chelsea’s season has to start now after a 2-0 defeat to Manchester United brought their fourth position under serious threat.

The Red Devils collected the double over their arch rivals through goals from Anthony Martial and Harry Maguire at Stamford Bridge.

The game was surrounded by VAR controversy when the referee decided to ignore Maguire’s kick out at Michy Batshuayi near the touchline. “It’s tough to take on lots of levels, some footballing, some others,” Lampard told Sky Sports.

“It’s frustrating, but that’s life. I’m not upset with the work ethic or input. Their heads are down in there and I have to correct that. It’s not a 2-0 game but the reality of football is that it is a 2-0 game because of moments. We have a feeling of Groundhog Day, whatever you want to call it. There are footballing things, which get clearer every week.

“There’s always work to do every day. At the minute, we’re fourth and the season starts here. There are things I can criticise; I’m not soft. If we’re not going to have productivity to finish, it’s very difficult to win games.”

“Maguire should get a red card and then he scores the second goal, and the game changes off that,” Lampard continued. “That’s a major part of what VAR was for. The referee can’t see all the angles and if you’re not going to use the monitor, I don’t understand it.

“The Zouma goal should have stood. Azpilicueta gets shoved in the first place. It’s certainly not clear and obvious. It’s just a wrong decision, isn’t it, which is harder to take with the presence of VAR than it would have been before. Love it or hate it, if something happens and they don’t make the right decision, it’s very confusing to say the least. Everyone I’ve spoken to has said the same thing.”

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