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Chelsea FC – The Management Team

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Chelsea FC Management Team 2018-19

Here we look at the Chelsea FC Management Team 2018-19. Who are the people responsible for managing the Chelsea FC squad? The Management team is made up of all types of management including developments, assistants, scouting etc. There are also a number of former Chelsea players who help run the club.

Following the departure of Antonio Conte, Maurizio Sarri has been given new staff and has brought along a few of his own men.

The New Chelsea FC Management team

Why do Chelsea flip through managers so often. Ever since the beginning of the Roman Empire in 2003 at Chelsea, Stamford Bridge has become a breeding ground for managers who have come and gone.

From the Special One to respected bosses like Carlo Ancelotti, nobody has been able to prevent the Roman axe. So why do Chelsea fire managers so often?

Is it because Roman is always seeking trophies? Or is it because he wants a certain style of playing? Is it because he wants to retain absolute power and thinks that keeping any boss for a long time might make them strong enough to challenge his authority?

Whatever the reason, Chelsea are not a stable club in terms of management. They have flipped through over 10 managers under him. Let us take a look at who all were there and how they all fared in the battle to survive in the Roman empire.

Claudio Ranieri:

The manager who won the league with Leicester City was Chelsea manager more than a decade back when Roman came to power. He however, was not given much time and a failure to win the league saw him lose the job; the first in a long, long line.

Jose Mourinho:

The Special One, as he was self-proclaimed, Mourinho changed Chelsea for good, both literally and metaphorically. He made them serial champions but left the club after total domestic dominance as things with Roman were beginning to crack.

Avram Grant:

He did a good cover up job but a lack of charisma of being a Chelsea boss meant that he was always on the line. The defeat in the final of the Champions League meant that the job went to his successor.

Luis Felipe Scolari:

The dynamic Brazilian boss entertained Chelsea fans but his tactics were overly attacking and unbalanced. Soon the Blues talented squad crumbled and the players lost their faith in the gaffer; which meant only one things, sack goes Scolari.

Guus Hiddink:

The close friend of the Russian oligarch was brought in to save the club from avoiding an embracing end to a flat season. He did brilliantly and had it not been for a completely incompetent and possibly corrupt referee in the Champions League, the Blues would have won the trophy.

Carlo Ancelotti:

A highly respected boss, his swaggerish style of football entertained the Bridge in a disciplined manner. He won the league in his debut season scoring a record 103 goals but his failure to match the tally the next season saw him get sacked.

Andre Villas-Boas:

The young Portuguese boss had just won it all with FC Porto and people were comparing him with an young Mourinho. However, his reign collapsed rather quickly and he had to leave the club midway.

Roberto Di Matteo:

Replacing a boss, taking over a deflated team, he did it all to take the team back to its best, including giving them the much coveted Champions League trophy in a brilliant rear guard and Old Guard act.

However, the next season despite getting talents like Hazard and Oscar, the team could not keep up the form and Di Matteo had to go.

Rafa Benitez:

The most unpopular Chelsea boss, the fans never accepted him. He was only interim but did well to win the Europa League and get a top four spot. Was relieved of his duties at the end of the season.

Jose Mourinho:

The return of the king as it was thought to be. He came back with a different squad but brought to the club the same tough mentality. With a few adjustments over one season, he won the league in the next.

However, the third season proved to be a horror show as he was shown the door after leaving the Blues reeling out of the top 10 and closer to relegation than to Europe.

Guus Hiddink:

Once again brought in as a temporary manager, he managed to steady the ship, only a bit though. Was relieved of his duties at the end of the season.

Antonio Conte:

The fiery Italian boss was brought in to revamp the Blues team and boy did he do it. The players adopted to his mentality and won the league in his first season itself.

However, once again the manager was not allowed to make transfer calls, an absurdity followed strictly by Chelsea, and Conte failed to deliver the next season and got sacked.

This has brought us to our latest manager, Maurizio Sarri! Let us check out his management team!

This is the Chelsea FC Management Team 2018-19

Maurizio Sarri – Head coach/ First team manager

Gianfranco Zola- Assistant first team coach

Luca Gotti- Assistant first team coach

Marco Ianni – second assistant coach

He is well-known for his aggressive interaction with Jose Mourinho in the the fiery 2-2 draw with Manchester United. He went off his dugout and celebrated rather provocatively in front of the former Chelsea boss which earned him a hefty fine.

Massimo Nenci – Goalkeeper Coach
Yet another coach brought in from Napoli, he is given credit for teaching Kepa how to play from the back.

Henrique Hilario-Assistant Goalkeeper coach

Chelsea FC Management Team 2018 Henrique HilarioHenrique Hilario is a former Chelsea goalkeeper who joined the coaching staff at the end of his playing career.

The Portuguese keeper made 39 appearances for the club between 2006 and 2014.

Carlo Cudicini- Assistant to first team head coach and club ambassador

One of the most talented and popular goalkeepers in Blues history, Carlo Cudicini made 216 appearances during his 10 years at Stamford Bridge between 1999 and 2009. He is now assistant to Antonio Conte and acts as a club ambassador. Cudicini also helps with communication between the coaching staff and players.

Paolo Bertelli – First team fitness coach

Paolo Bertelli is a fitness expert who worked with Antonio Conte in the Italy national set-up and at Juventus has stayed back at the club and now works with Sarri.

Davide Ranzato – Assistant fitness coach

Brought in with Sarri, he worked at Napoli for only an year before.

Davide Losi – Assistant fitness coach

He had two year of close working experience with Bertelli at Napoli and now has joined him at Chelsea.

Giani Pichhioni – Scout

Born in 1964, Gianni Picchioni worked in Maurizio Sarri’s scouting team at Napoli before joining him at Stamford Bridge in the summer of 2018.

Paco Biosca – Medical Director

Doctor Paco Biosca joined Chelsea as medical director in July 2011 having worked in a similar position at Shakhtar Donetsk for the previous six years.

A Spaniard, he worked for 25 years as head of medical services in his homeland at Lleida, a Catalan club, and is a former president of the European Federation of Orthopedics and Sports Trauma and a former president of the Spanish Society of Football Team Doctors.
He is also president of the Iberia Biomechanical Society, founder and subsequent president of the Spanish Society for Sports Trauma and currently a member of the society’s senate.

Scott Mclachlan – Head of international scouting

Scott McLachlan joined Chelsea in 2011 having previously worked at Fulham, as a technical scout, and Southampton, where he was head of performance analysis.

Neil Bath – Head of Youth Development

Neil Bath joined the Chelsea schoolboys coaching staff part-time in 1993 and has worked his way up to the top of the Academy structure.

Joe Edwards – Development squad manager

Andy Myers – U-18s manager

Andy Myers took charge of Chelsea Under-18s team in the summer of 2018.

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