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Chelsea next manager odds and betting

What are the Chelsea FC next manager odds? Who will be Chelsea FC next manager according to the betting odds? Odds Conte to be sacked by Abramovich?

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has been under increasing pressure this season. His side are currently out of the top four and are expected to miss out on Champions League next season.

Chelsea next manager news and rumors

Odds conte to be sacked? Additionally, Conte has clashed with the Chelsea board throughout the season. The Chelsea coach had gripes with the lack of spending in the transfer windows.

Conte also didn’t like that he didn’t have control over the transfers. Basically, his say in which players he wanted meant nothing to the Chelsea board. As a result, Conte had to train a squad full of players that he never asked for or wanted.

So the board are getting increasingly frustrated with Conte’s repeated complaints. While conversely, Conte is unhappy with the board. One can assume that Conte is either fired or he quits.

Chelsea FC next manager rumors

The recent managers mentioned in the news that are likely the favorites for Chelsea job next season include; Maurizio Sarri, Luis Enrique and Carlo Ancelotti. While top candidate Thomas Tuchel is still in the running but rumors are he’s heading to PSG.

Meanwhile, Luis Enrique is still a top favourite. However he has also been recently linked to Arsenal. Chelsea would want Enrique for his attacking football mentality. He could also perhaps persuade some Barcelona players to join Chelsea.

Fan favourite Carlo Ancelotti has been unemployed since he lost his job at Bayern Munich. He is free and he could be a good option for Chelsea. Ancelotti was one of Chelsea’s most attacking managers ever. The Italian managed Chelsea when they scored a Premier League record 103 goals in one season in 2009.

Potential Chelsea managers odds

So who the possible Chelsea managers according to the betting companies and what are the odds? Here are the three top candidates of the possible managers according to news across the world and betting odds.

Here we will briefly look at the top candidates for the potential Chelsea FC next season manager job.

1. Chelsea FC next manager odds: Maurizio Sarri – 3/1

Chelsea FC next manager odds Maurizio Sarri

Maurizio Sarri has worked wonders for Napoli this season. He’s taken a team that’s usually sixth in the Serie A to the top of the league this season. And while Juventus may have recently overtaken them, it’s still quite impressive they’re second.

His attacking style of football is also a highly sought after trait at Chelsea. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has wanted attacking style of football ever since he took over at Stamford Bridge. But their last manager Jose Mourinho is renowned for parking the bus. While current manager Antonio Conte plays defensive football too.

Sarri will be an attractive option for the Chelsea board and I’m sure they have made Sarri one of their top targets for next season as manager.

Sarri was actually a banker for most of his life. It wasn’t until he was in his 50’s that he started out at managing lower league football teams. He managed to climb the ladder of football management and is now coaching one of the top teams in Italy. Chelsea would be a step forward for his career. Even though Napoli have some world class players such as Insigne and Merhtens, Chelsea are a bigger club in terms of financial resources.

Odds Maurizio Sarri to become Chelsea FC next season manager: 3/1

2. Chelsea FC next manager odds: Luis Enrique – 7/2

Chelsea FC next manager odds Luis Enrique

The former Barcelona manager has take a year off from football this season. But it’s expected he will return to management next season. Where? Well that’s anyone’s guess but Chelsea and Arsenal have both been linked with him.

Enrique is another manager who prefers to play attacking style of football. This trait, I believe, will be one of Chelsea’s top priorities. But Enrique is no slouch at winning trophies either. His Barcelona team won the La liga twice, Copa del Rey three times and the big one-The UEFA Champions League.

Odds Louis Enrique to become Chelsea FC next season manager: 7/2

3. Chelsea FC next manager odds: Massimiliano Allegri – 4/1

Massimiliano Allegri Chelsea FC next manager odds

Massimiliano Allegri is one of the top Chelsea FC next manager odds favourite. He’s taken his Juventus side to two Champions League finals as well as winning the Serie A three times in a row!

Allegri is a more defensive minded coach than the other candidates. So Allegri may not be Chelsea’s favourite candidate but you can’t deny his ability to win trophies. Allegri is also possibly one of Chelsea’s more realistic options as manager. It would also be ironic if the man who replaced Conte at Juventus would then go on to replace Conte at Chelsea!

Odds Massimiliano Allegri to become Chelsea FC next season manager: 4/1

Chelsea FC next manager betting: odds April 2018

So who would be the next Chelsea FC manager according to the odds? Here are the odds according to the betting companies for who will be Chelsea FC next manager. Here are the top favourites for the Chelsea manager job:

Chelsea FC next manager betting odds Odds
Maurizio Sarri 3/1
Luis Enrique 7/2
Massimiliano Allegri 4/1
Brendan Rodgers 5/1
Laurent Blanc 6/1
Thomas Tuchel 12/1
Carlo Ancelotti 14/1
Leonardo Jardim 14/1
John Terry 16/1
Guus Hiddink 18/1
Marco Silva 18/1
Diego Simeone 20/1
Zinedine Zidane 22/1

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