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Top five Chelsea managers with best win percentage

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Top Five Chelsea managers with the best win percentage ever

Top 5 Chelsea managers with the best win percentage ever? The five Chelsea managers with the highest win percentage ever? Here we look at the top five Chelsea managers with the most wins ever. Who are the top five Chelsea managers with the top win percentages?

Chelsea manager best win percentage ever

Here we look at all Chelsea FC past managers. Claudio Ranieri. Jose Mourinho. Carlo Ancelotti. Antonio Conte. What do all these Chelsea managers have in common? Well they all managed Chelsea for starters. But also, they have some of the highest win percentages ever for the club. So here we will find out exactly who the top five Chelsea managers with the best win percentage are ever.

Chelsea have had 33 managers throughout their history. So which five managers have won the most at Chelsea? Here we find out. We will examine all Chelsea FC football managers. All Chelsea managers have had their chance and some have succeeded and some haven’t. So who are the Chelsea FC past managers? And who are the Chelsea FC best managers? Well we are about to find out.

Top Five Chelsea managers with the best win percentage ever

Top Chelsea FC managers list. Former Chelsea managers? Here are the best Chelsea managers ever and the top Chelsea managers in past ten years.

Note: Only includes managers who have been in charge for at least 20 games.

5. Maurizio Sarri – Win percentage of 63.63%

successful chelsea boss maurizio sarri

He is the current Chelsea boss and like all his predecessors he is under immense pressure to deliver or get sacked. His current record shows 28 wins, 6 draws and 10 losses. Not the best start but a good one nonetheless.

He recently lost the Carabao Cup final to Manchester City but his team are still in contention to win the Europa League although they are suffering in the league to get a top 4 finish.

Sarri has brought in a new style of football to Chelsea and might get some more time because of this reason. He is the fifth most successful Chelsea boss in the club.

4. Antonio Conte – Win percentage of 66.00%

successful chelsea manager antonio conte

He was in charge of Juventus where he won three consecutive titles and then took an underwhelming Italy side to the quarter-finals of the Euros.

He then took over at Chelsea and brought with him his special 3-man back system. As the Premier League stood and watched, Conte delivered the title with a record 30 wins in one season and 13 straight wins on the bounce in the middle.

His team howeve, collapsed the following year after fallouts with several players. Chelsea finished 5th in the table and only won the FA Cup. In other clubs that might have been enough to save them the season but Chelsea sacked him. He is yet to receive his compensation from the club and is locked in a legal battle against them in a multi-million deal.

With 70 wins, 16 draws and 19 defeats, he is the fourth most successful boss Chelsea ever had.

3. Avram Grant-  Win percentage of 66.67%

Avram Grant-Top Five Chelsea managers with the best win percentage ever

This one is surprising. Yes Avram Grant is higher on this list than Carlo and Jose. This is because he only managed 54 games for Chelsea between September 2007 and May 2008. Of those 54 games, Grant won 36 times, drew 13 and lost 5 times.

Grant took over from Jose Mourinho in September 2007. This was the first season in four years that Chelsea didn’t win any silverware. After losing in the Champions League final, Avram Grant was sacked as manager of Chelsea in 2008.

Chelsea finished second in the Premier League table that season behind Manchester United.

2. Jose Mourinho (2004-2007) – Win percentage of 67.03%

Jose Mourinho 2004-2007 Top Five Chelsea managers with the best win percentage ever

The “special one” Jose Mourinho’s first spell at Chelsea made him number two on this list. The Portuguese manager who took over the club in 2004 has a win percentage of 67.03%. Jose Mourinho won 124 games out of a total of 185 games while managing The Blues. He drew 40 times and lost 21 times.

The special one took over the club when Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich bought the club. Mourinho arrived at Chelsea fresh-faced from remarkably winning the Champions League with Porto. He instantly branded himself as the special one in press conferences.

From 2004-2007, Mourinho used the new wealth of money available from Abramovich to spend big. But not only did he build a team at Chelsea, but also won two Premier League titles. The first in 2004/05, which was Chelsea’s first top league title in 50 years. The following season, Mourinho won the Premier League title once again.

Mourinho left Chelsea in 2007 having won multiple titles including the League Cup, The FA Cup and two Premier League titles. He would return once again of course, but this first spell at the club made him the second best manager with the highest win percentage ever at the Blues.

1. Guus Hiddink – Win percentage of 72.73%

Guus Hiddink Top Five Chelsea managers with the best win percentage ever- Top

Astonishingly, Guus Hiddink, known as the “caretaker manager” has the best win percentage for Chelsea of all-time. That is one surprising stat! But here is why; Hiddink only managed 22 games for Chelsea. Of those 22 games, Chelsea won 16 times, drew 5 and lost 1.

Hiddink took over from Luiz Felipe Scolari in February 2009 following bad performances from Chelsea. They were out of the top four and were playing badly. So Chelsea (Roman Abramovich) appointed the Russia national team coach Hiddink as the manager for the remainder of the season.

The caretaker managed four straight wins from his first four games. He also managed to get Chelsea a Champions league place for the following season after finishing third in the league.

Gus Hiddink also managed to win the FA Cup and got Chelsea to the Champions League semi-final. Although they lost to Barcelona, Chelsea were only eliminated by contentious refereeing and the away goals rule. (That was the time when Didier Drogba infamously yelled directly at TV cameras stating “it as a disgrace”- referring to the refereeing.

Chelsea FC former managers that won titles list.

All ex Chelsea managers with honours list. All the Chelsea managers that have won titles list.

Previous Chelsea Managers with honours list

Name Nat Tenure Honours
Ted Drake  England 1952–1961 1955 First Division
1955 FA Charity Shield
Tommy Docherty  Scotland 1961–1967 1965 Football League Cup
Dave Sexton  England 1967–1974 1970 FA Cup
1971 European Cup Winners’ Cup
John Neal  England 1981–1985 1984 Second Division
John Hollins  England 1985–1988 1986 Full Members Cup
Bobby Campbell  England 1988–1991 1989 Second Division
1990 Full Members Cup
Ruud Gullit  Netherlands 1996–1998 1997 FA Cup
Gianluca Vialli  Italy 1998–2000 1998 Football League Cup
1998 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup
1998 UEFA Super Cup
2000 FA Cup
2000 FA Charity Shield
José Mourinho  Portugal 2004–2007
2005 Football League Cup
2005 Premier League
2005 FA Community Shield
2006 Premier League
2007 Football League Cup
2007 FA Cup
2015 Football League Cup
2015 Premier League
Guus Hiddink  Netherlands 2009
2009 FA Cup
Carlo Ancelotti  Italy 2009–2011 2009 FA Community Shield
2010 Premier League
2010 FA Cup
Roberto Di Matteo  Italy 2012 2012 FA Cup
2012 UEFA Champions League
Rafael Benítez  Spain 2012–2013 2013 UEFA Europa League
Antonio Conte  Italy 2016–2018 2017 Premier League

So to sum up… Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti, Avram Grant and Guus Hiddink are the top five Chelsea managers with the best win percentage ever.

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