Nicolas Jackson needs time to adapt to the Premier League

Former Premier League striker condemns Jackson’s behavior as “Pathetic”

Former Premier League striker Michael Bridges has made a bold statement regarding Mauricio Pochettino’s management of Chelsea, suggesting that the Argentine should never select Nicolas Jackson again following a controversial incident.

During Chelsea’s recent victory over Everton, tensions rose as three players, including Jackson, vied for a penalty kick, leaving an uncomfortable atmosphere among the team.

Bridges emphasized the significance of this behavior, stating that Jackson’s actions were “pathetic” and could warrant him being sidelined from the squad permanently.

“You know when I watched that, it was like you could understand why they’ve got such a young mentality in the dressing room, because it looked like a school playground. You could tell there was no senior head there. Thiago was at the other end of the field and the captain sorted it out at the end,” he said.

“I would’ve been absolutely fuming after the game with one of my colleagues, and that was Jackson. Because after he saw Cole Palmer score the goal, he didn’t want to celebrate with him. That is not a team player.

“If I was Pochettino, I’d have subbed him there and then and said, ‘see you later mate, you’re never playing for this club ever again’ because that is not the type of player and person I want to be associated with in a team environment and I thought it was pathetic.”

While acknowledging Jackson’s youth and potential for growth, Bridges highlighted the severity of the situation, suggesting that such behaviour could not be tolerated, especially considering Jackson’s lackluster performance throughout the season.

Despite Pochettino’s unlikely decision to terminate Jackson’s career at Chelsea over this incident, Bridges’ remarks underscore the gravity of the situation and the need for accountability within the team.

Jackson’s future at Chelsea remains uncertain following Bridges’ remarks, with the forward facing increased pressure to prove himself on and off the field.

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