Fabio Capello admits Chelsea's style of play doesn't suit Romelu Lukaku

Romelu Lukaku has netted 5 goals in 17 Premier League matches.

Former Italy coach Fabio Capello feels Chelsea’s style of play doesn’t suit Romelu Lukaku.

Capello compared Belgium international’s time with Inter Milan to now with the Blues ahead of the Champions League win against Lille.

The Belgian said, “Lukaku fit perfectly into Conte’s counter-attacking style at Inter because there were lots of spaces, he had this physical strength and pace that allowed him to flatten the defenders in Serie A.

“However, Chelsea play this very different type of football with lots of short passes and Lukaku doesn’t have the same spaces to move in. He also finds that in England the defenders have a similar physicality to him and hold out more.

“Lukaku had this power and space to run at defenders and turn the game around.”

Chelsea recently secured a victory against Lille in round-of-16 first-leg Champions League tie. Fabio Capello tells how the former Inter forward is struggling at Chelsea.

The 28-year-old forward has netted 5 goals in 17 Premier League matches including two goals in Champions League. He also scored twice in Club World Cup.

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