Willian wants to extend Chelsea contract

Chelsea winger Willian is ready to set up talks for a contract extension with the Blues.

However, if Chelsea delays in making the extension, he has announced he will start looking to move to another club.

The reason he wants a contract extension with Chelsea is because his family is based here. So it’s a no brainer – it will be easier for him to stay near his family that way. Willian has also become an integral part of Frank Lampard’s starting squad.

“If you ask my wife if she wants to leave London, she’ll say no. My daughters feel the same way. Of course, Brazil is Brazil, right? It’s our home, our culture. We always feel good when we go there on holiday and see family and friends, but London is my second home,” said the 31 year old.

“In fact, I recently passed a British citizenship test. Man, it was hard. It’s British history in a nutshell. Some questions are so difficult that not even some of my British friends knew the answers!

“As it turned out, I failed on my first two attempts, but got it on the third. I am now a British citizen!

“So, London is where I want to stay. This is where I have my family, my church. I want my daughters to grow up here.”

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