Chelsea winger Willian thinks of London as second home
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Willian has been linked with Barcelona and Juventus recently.

The Brazilian player has revealed he doesn’t think about leaving the club and the city.

Willian claimed that he is happy at Chelsea and his family doesn’t want to leave London as well. The Brazilian is in his final year of contract with the club and is yet to come to an agreement with the club over a new deal.

“I have played for Chelsea for more than six years now, and I can honestly say that I am very happy here,” he wrote in a column for The Players’ Tribune. “If you ask my wife if she wants to leave London, she’ll say no. My daughters feel the same way. Of course, Brazil is Brazil, right? It’s our home, our culture. We always feel good when we go there on holiday and see family and friends, but London is my second home.

He even went on to reveal that he has passed his British citizenship test and thus wants to extend his stay in the English Premier League. “In fact, I recently passed a British citizenship test. Man, it was hard. It’s British history in a nutshell. Some questions are so difficult that not even some of my British friends knew the answers!

“As it turned out, I failed on my first two attempts, but got it on the third. I am now a British citizen! So, London is where I want to stay. This is where I have my family, my church. I want my daughters to grow up here.”

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