Willian wants friends reunion with Jose at Spurs

Willian has hinted that he could be angling for a move to Tottenham Hotspur in the summer.

The veteran Chelsea winger who has made over 300 appearances for the club is out of contract after this season. With talks of an extension still in the ice, Willian will soon be free to join any club of his choice.

There has been talk of the Brazilian staying in England and joining Arsenal or Tottenham. Willian has refused to confirm or deny any rumor but has admitted that he would definitely enjoy reuniting with his old boss and friend Jose Mourinho.

“Nothing has arrived from Mourinho, but we do have a good relationship – he’s a big friend of mine,” he told Bolivia Talk Show.

“We speak to each other sometimes, but when it comes to that (transfers) he respects me a lot.

“I like London and my family likes it too, but that’s a question I don’t know how to answer.

“I don’t know which club I’m going to or if I’m staying here at Chelsea or if I’m leaving to another London club or if I’m leaving England, that’s something I don’t know.”

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