Terry: It was the singles stupidest moment of my career

Chelsea captain John Terry has looked back on his career and pointed out the single silliest act from his footballing days.

Terry was the Chelsea captain back in 2012 and had taken his underwhelming team to Nou Camp back in 2012 against an imperial Barcelona. The Blues were leading the tie 1-0 from the first leg at the Bridge and Chelsea in around the 33rd minute lost his mind completely.

He went and kneed the Barcelona forward Alexis Sanchez from the back without the ball being near whatsoever. As a result, he was immediately sent off leaving his team down to 10 men with 60 minutes to go against Barcelona.

‘I knew I was in trouble,’ Terry told BeIN Sport about the incident.

‘It’s funny because I heard before we played them at Stamford Bridge, he got a dead leg. ‘And in the home game he run past me and I sort of blocked him and caught him on his leg, and he was in absolute agony. ‘He was still carrying it [in second leg] so I thought I’ll just give him a little.

‘Stupid really, I don’t know why I did the second one at the Nou Camp because it put the team in a dreadful position. ‘I look back now and I think it must be one of my silliest moments as a player on the pitch and if you could pick one team you do not want to be down to ten men against its Barcelona at the Nou Camp. I thought I could get away with it.’

Chelsea did go on to win the tie thanks to some unbelievable act of togetherness and Terry had to sit out for the final as well as the Blues lifted their only ever UEFA Champions League trophy. 

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