Rudiger Suggests Awarding Liverpool PL Title

Chelsea’s Antonio Rudiger is in favour of awarding the 2019-20 PL season title to Liverpool.

Rudiger feels this should be done if it becomes too risky to try restarting the league and if the plan to end the season endangers lives – which it probably will.

Rudiger said in an interview with ZDF: “Honestly, as far as I’m concerned they can give Liverpool the title. At the end of the day they deserve it, they’ve had a great season and are leading the table with, oh I don’t know how many points.

“The thing is they were going to win the thing anyway, so I think the title is theirs ethically. Of course, I hope that the season can be finished and it will be sporting for everyone.”

“If we continue to play and there is a danger, and we ignore that while people are dying somewhere in the world, I don’t know if that would sit right on my conscience,” he added.

“If everything fits and it comes from those in charge that it’s okay, there’s no danger, then we can start. But if there is a danger that it will start again and more people will get infected [we can’t start again].”

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