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Petr Cech videos? Do you want to see the Petr Cech best goal saves videos? Petr Cech is not one of Chelsea FC current goalkeepers, but Petr Cech is considered to be one of the best Chelsea goalkeepers ever.

The former Chelsea goalkeeper spent 13 years at Chelsea and won multiple titles. He even came back from a horrific head injury just three months later. Cech is now at Arsenal but his legend lives on at Stamford Bridge. Here we will look at the best Petr cech videos.

Petr Cech training video: watch Petr Cech in traning!

Chelsea FC Petr Cech training video

Petr Cech shows off some amazing reactions in bizarre training drill:

Best Chelsea Goalkeepers with most clean sheets

Petr Cech has had a great career at Chelsea. He played for Chelsea from 2004 to 2015 as part of the new Abramovich era. He kept an amazing 228 clean sheets in 494 games (46%). Cech is number one on our Chelsea goalkeepers most clean sheets of all time list.

Cech also holds a number of other records. He holds the record for most consecutive league clean sheets with ten clean sheets in 2004/05. Cech played an amazing 1024 minutes without conceding a goal (top-flight record at that time).

Cech has the most clean sheets in a season record with 28 clean sheets in 48 games 2004/05.

Petr Cech speaks about head injury and why he wears headgear!

Petr Cech spoke about the incident to SkySports after his life threatening injury.
Cech said: “Things could have been different.

“The doctors tried not to scare me too much and I never asked too much.

“But if you ask my wife, even now, she does not look too well. For her, the experience was a thousand times worse than it was for me.

“It was a very close call.”

“I lost consciousness, then I came round again. Some people, they did not like me too much because I was confused and sometimes when you’re confused you try to fight!”

Cech also attributed his life to the doctors and the nearby facilities as the reason he survived.

“The decisions of Bryan and the medical staff and the proximity of Oxford – that’s the combination that gave me a chance.

“I had a depressed skull fracture. A few pieces of bone went in quite deep, that was the biggest danger.

“The more they go in, the left side of the brain (where Cech was injured) is quite an important centre of movement. Anything could happen.”

Cech described intense headaches waking him up at night after the accident.

He told Chelsea TV: “Sometimes it is difficult because you wake up and you have a horrible headache so you have to take your medication.

“I just try to live with that and every day it is going to get better.”

Return to football

Cech said he couldn’t remember anything for three days after the injury. Doctors had to insert metal plates in his head after the surgery. But remarkably, Cech returned to playing football just three months after the injury.

Most people can’t even go back to their normal careers after a serious head injury so it’s miraculous that he was able to play again.

Cech said: “I have to say a lot of people did not want me to return a quickly as I did. It was my decision and my will to come back to what I was used to doing and what I love.

“Once the surgeon said the skull is strong enough with the helmet on, I decided to return to training with the team.

“Two days later, we traveled to Liverpool – which I did not tell my wife at the start, I told her I’m just travelling with the team.”
“But the manager said to me, ‘You want to go to watch or you want to play? You tell me.’

“I said, ‘OK, we’re already here. Let’s try’.”

Petr Cech retirement

The Chelsea legend has decided to retire from football at the end of this season. He has served English league football like a legend and holds most of the records in the Premier League era. He is a Chelsea legend and a leader in that Arsenal dressing room.

Arsenal will want to see him sign off Cech by gifting him the Europa League, which ironically could be a killer blow for his former club Chelsea. Regarded as a champion on and off the pitch, the gentle giant will be missed in football after this season.

This was Cech’s retirement statement:

“Having played 15 years in the Premier League and won every single trophy possible, I feel like I have achieved everything I set out to achieve,” said the ex-Czech Republic international.

“I will continue to work hard at Arsenal to hopefully win one more trophy this season.”

“This is my 20th season as a professional player and it has been 20 years since I signed my first professional contract, so it feels like the right time to announce that I will retire.

“I am looking forward to seeing what life holds for me off the pitch.”

“For your consummate professionalism, for being the perfect role model, for the 50 clean sheets, for your honesty, your integrity and for your inspiring work with the Arsenal Foundation, we want to say – thank you Petr Cech,” tweeted Arsenal.

In a statement on their website, the club added: “Petr recently informed us of his decision. Like all football fans, we are sad about this, but completely understand and support Petr.”

“A champion on and off the pitch,” said a message from Chelsea. “Enjoy your retirement.”

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