OGS - We were robbed of 3 points

Manchester United were held to a 0-0 draw in a boring match at the Bridge last night.

OGS, as usual tried to deflect attention from yet another insipid display from his team by feigning outrage at a rightly ruled out penalty.

“We’ve got Crystal Palace on Wednesday, so we look forward to that one,” said Solskjaer. “I’m pleased with everyone’s energy, attitude, as I’ve said. We just need a bit of quality.

“I said before the game, in these so-called big games, we’ve kept some great clean sheets, great defending, energy, attitude. The lads have done absolutely everything right defensively. Attacking-wise we need that little bit of quality but that will come. This team is getting better.”

He added: “We had near moments, Mason [Greenwood] and Fred had a few decent attempts but we didn’t have enough and that’s the next step for us.

“We will improve. Last season, we had some great results in a different manner, at the moment we’re trying to develop this style, develop ourselves to win these games and to have those last bits. Defending, energy, application; everything was really good defensively.”

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