N'Golo Kante Opens Up About Himself

N’Golo Kante revealed what is behind the cloak of being one of the nicest guys in football.

The Frenchman is a modest individual who sets an example for others in terms of professionalism. You will hardly ever see him fret on the pitch or get into altercations with anybody.

With a big round smile on his face, Kante goes about his business for Chelsea and France and is now regarded as one of the best players in his position. However, the 28-year-old admitted that he too, like everybody else, gets angry from time to time.

“I can, like everyone, get annoyed, accept or not accept certain things,” he said in an candid interview with L’Equipe. “I try to live life in the best way possible. Before I became a professional, I had a life like a quasi-majority of people. I loved football and footballers like a fan.”

“Today, although people view me as a star, I know what it is like to be on the other side. And to make people happy, that’s always good,” he added. “I have always wanted to take pleasure in my life in football.

“Even if it is also a job, it is the thing that I do that I feel most comfortable doing. Putting myself out there in the media or the public, I can do it at certain points. But I don’t like to do it too often.”

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