Nevin plays down Chelsea's form issue

Pat Nevin has played down the disappointment of Chelsea’s draw with Manchester United and said that it is nothing surprising.

“All normal common sense has gone out the window in this last part of the season. Someone asked me the other day to explain what was going on in the race for the third and fourth spot in the Premier league and who I think will secure those places in the end. I reckon it would be easier to explain the current Brexit debate in the UK and then guess what the outcome is going to be in six months’ time.”

“Okay, so maybe just a little bit of an exaggeration there but really what on earth is happening? The only result I had a fair level of confidence in over at the weekend was that we would get a draw against Manchester United. Was this negativity on my part or a belief that both teams are so evenly matched they could not be separated?”

“No it wasn’t, I just thought that after Arsenal’s latest capitulation, this time at Leicester, and Spurs imploding against West Ham, what is the result that would give us absolutely no clarity on the situation? The answer was the draw and as such, that is exactly what we were going to get. I was even bold enough to say it before the game on BBC radio.”

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