This is who Merson believes should be manager at Chelsea next season!

Former Arsenal star and Chelsea fan Paul Merson has made a surprise recommendation to the Chelsea board regarding who should be manager at the end of this season at Stamford Bridge.

Speaking to Sky Sports’ the Debate show, he said: “I don’t know how, when Leicester went for Brendan Rodgers, that someone at Chelsea didn’t ring him and say ‘just wait, just wait six months’ because I can’t see Sarri being there because the fan just aren’t having it.”

“If they’re not allowed to buy anybody, Brendan Rodgers gives youngsters a chance, he gets people playing a certain way and you only have to look at what he’s done at Leicester in eight weeks – they’re passing Arsenal off the pitch.”

“Last year and the year before they were having 30/40 per cent of the ball top whack, now they’re passing a team that can play football off the park and if they can’t but anybody he’d give the youngsters a chance.”

“You know what he does? He makes players better. It’s what good coaches do and he does that.”

For all his achievements at Celtic, we respectfully disagree with your delusional punditry Paul.

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