Lampard keen to make new additions to Chelsea

After leading the club through one of their most difficult yet defining campaigns, Chelsea boss Frank Lampard is now eager to restore strength at the club by signing new players. 

The Blues legend took over last season when the club was in dire need of a man who could save the sinking ship. Lampard entered, took over an aging squad with the best players having left the club and a transfer ban on the wrist.

He guided the team to a fourth spot so far in the league and has given plenty of chances to youngsters, previously not done at Chelsea and has also introduced an attractive brand of football. All in under one season. 

He now wants basic rewards – like new signings to make the team even better. 

“I’m certainly excited about the squad we’ve got, with the young players and if we can get a few additions for areas I feel we need,” Lampard told the official Chelsea magazine.

“We didn’t bring anyone in January, it didn’t work out to be right for us at the time, and last summer we couldn’t bring anyone in, so those windows have gone and we haven’t changed.

“So I am excited with the squad we’ve got, if we can freshen up in the right areas.”

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