Lampard Insists Chelsea Not Qualifying For CL Isn't A Measure Of Blues Success

Frank Lampard has outrightly stated that Chelsea’s admission into the Champions League does not serve as a yardstick measurement for the Blues’s success.

Chelsea has had many successes this season and that can’t be denied, even if they don’t qualify for CL.

“I understand the black-and-white judgement in the outside world – and the Chelsea fans – about it, because it’s a clear objective to get into the Champions League,” Lampard told reporters ahead of the trip to Anfield. 

“My feeling is that whether we come in the top four, or whether it was not to quite work out for us, from some of the huge strides we’ve made this year, there are huge positives that I feel at the club and what we are doing moving forward.

“I have a huge desire to get [into the Champions League] obviously, but I still feel like we’ve made huge strides. 

“We weren’t really in too many people’s top fours at the start of the season. We’ve forced ourselves in there in reality, and I desperately hope we get there, but it shouldn’t put this club off its strides much. 

“There were a lot of testing moments this year. We’re showing intentions of moving in the right direction.” 

When asked about how Chelsea fans will feel when they see Liverpool lifting the trophy, he said:”I don’t think players should be hurt from it, they should be inspired by it.”

“I’m not going to pin them to the ground and say, ‘You must stare at this, what’s happening’. 

“It will be Liverpool’s day in that sense of lifting the trophy. The guard of honour is a sign of respect. I’ve got no problem with it.

“If there’s a small bit of the players standing there, clapping, thinking, ‘I hope this is us in the next two or three years’, then I’m very happy for those feelings and that’s the way it should be.”

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