Lampard hails Jose effect

Frank Lampard has hailed the impact Jose Mourinho has had on his career.

The young Chelsea midfielder back in the early 2000s had a definite boom in his already growing career post the entry of Jose Mourinho at Chelsea.

“I’ve been influenced by all the managers I’ve played under but probably Jose (Mourinho) as much, if not more, than anyone else,” Lampard told Sky Sports News.

“He was the one at the point of my career when my performances and mind set got better, giving me a lot of confidence within the team.

“So I try to act like that with my players now, trying to have a personal relationship with them which means driving them every day to be better, trying to help them to be confident and understand what they need to do to keep going up the levels as a player.

“So I took a lot from Jose but I certainly don’t want to be typecast as trying to be a Jose person because I am my own person.”

Well Lampard is definitely right in saying he is his own man since he may be influenced by Jose’s man management style but the two tacticians have completely different approaches to a football gams in terms of strategy and player choice!

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