Lampard credits Salah

Chelsea coach Frank Lampard has credited Mo Salah for becoming a superstar after leaving Chelsea.

Salah was scooped up by the Blues after a couple of impressive campaigns for Basel, the Swedish side. It was against Chelsea in particular that he haunted the Blues in the Champions League making the  Egyptian a prime target in the transfer window.

However, once at Chelsea Mourinho seemed extremely unwilling to give the youngster a chance to prove himself with Salah only making sporadic appearances here and there. Later on he went to become successful in the Serie A before Liverpool bought him and Salah has not had to look back since.

“There shouldn’t be too much finger pointing [at Chelsea],” Lampard told BTSport.

“I was there with Salah, he was young.

“It was probably an early stage in his career, it didn’t work for him, he went away and did well.

“(Kevin) De Bruyne was in the same situation.

“It’s very hard – Chelsea had an abundance of talent in those positions at that time.

“So I’d rather focus on the player. Credit to them for going away, working hard and coming back.

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