Jose Mourinho net worth: What is Jose Mourinho's net worth?

Jose Mourinho net worth: How much is Jose Mourinho net worth?

How much is Jose Mourinho net worth? What is Jose Mourinho net worth? Jose Mourinho net worth will have you surprised! Do you know the Jose Mourinho net worth? The special one is one of the best managers of football in the 20th century? He is one of those bosses who has gone around Europe and won everywhere. Watch & Bet on Football =>  

Jose Mourinho Net Worth 2024: How Much Is Jose Mourinho Worth 2024?

Jose Mourinho net worth as of today

Jose Mourinho probably has a net worth of £40 million! It has an equivalent valuation of $51 million. He has managed the biggest clubs in football and has earned extremely handsome packages! The figure however, is from back when he was jobless before signing at Spurs! He has now signed a lengthy contract at North London and it remains to be seen how much earns here.

However, the twist comes in the fact that the claim that Jose’s net worth is £40 million (made by the Sun) may not be entirely correct.

Usually in a squad, it is the manager who earns the highest. Now given the teams he has managed – FC Porto, Chelsea (twice), Inter Milan, Real Madrid, Manchester United and now Tottenham Hotspur, it can be safely said that for a man who has been in the game now for almost 18 years, his net worth will easily be much more than £40 million!

Other sources claim Jose’s net worth to be at something around £100 million which is a more realistic figure.

Jose Mourinho salary

As mentioned before, he is a big earner. Hence, he has reportedly agreed a  £15 million deal per year with Daniel Levy, the Spurs chairman – which converts to slightly above  £300,000 a week – Spurs highest earner is Harry Kane at  £200,000 a week.

So this goes in line with what he earned prior to this at United, Chelsea and Real Madrid! What do you think of the Jose Mourinho net worth? Watch & Bet on Football =>

Jose Mourinho Teams Coached: Jose Mourinho net worth

Jose Mourinho net worth Forbes

Why did we claim that it is at least £100 million? Well here are two facts that will make you think so as well. First of all his contract at Manchester United alone, where he was the manger for over two seasons, saw him earn £28 million and then get an additional £27 million when United voided his contract.

In total, Jose has left a club midway four times. In those four buy-outs, Jose has earned a massive £60 million! This money was given to him for NOT coaching a club.

Forbes claimed that his salary during his second stint at Chelsea saw him earn £13 million per year. At Chelsea as well, he stayed for over two seasons. This means that just from his buyouts and his second spell at Chelsea and two years at United, Jose earned £114 million. Add to this now, his salary from Real Madrid, first Chelsea spell, Inter Milan and FC Porto.

On top of that do not forget, he also adds a lot in brand value. He endorses multiple products, some as a brand ambassador as well. Finally, also do remember, he worked as a pundit for a couple of months where per match day he earned £425,000. Watch & Bet on Football =>  

Jose Mourinho Teams Coached: Jose Mourinho net worth

Jose Mourinho teams coached

Jose Mourinho has coached the biggest teams in the world. He started off with FC Porto with whom he won the Portuguese League title and the UEFA Champions League in 2004. It put him on the radar and he never had to look back.

He was picked up by Chelsea where in his first two seasons, he lost 3 matches in the league and won both league titles, both Carling Cups and one FA Cup. Jose could have also added the Champions League title but for dubious refereeing.

He next went to Inter as a surprising move but once again proved his mettle as he took an overaged average squad to the Serie A title and added the Coppa Italia and the UEFA Champions League to boot.

It earned him the ticket to Real Madrid where he overthrew the dominance of the best team world football has probably ever seen – Pep Guardiola’s prime day Barcelona with Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa and co.

An emotional return to Stamford Bridge was made where he won the league again before a terrible start to the season that saw Chelsea hovering around relegation saw Jose get sacked. His dull spell was shortlived as England’s biggest club in Manchester United approached him. In his first season, he finished third in the league, won the Carling Cup and the UEFA Europa League.

The story gets sad from there as Jose’s United lost their way over the next year before he got the sack again. After a year-long sabbatical, he was signed by Tottenham Hotspur, wherein 3 months time he has been unable to make any impact – although the time is too soon and his players have been unlucky with too many injuries. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Jose Mourinho trophies

Jose is a serial winner. In his 16 full seasons, he has won 19 trophies. He has never left a club without silverware and has always delivered success. Here is a list of his trophy collection:


Primeira Liga x2

Taça de Portugal

UEFA Champions League



Premier League x3

FA Cup

League Cup x3

Inter Milan:

Serie A x2

Coppa Italia

UEFA Champions League

Real Madrid:

La Liga

Copa del Rey

Manchester United:

League Cup

UEFA Europa League

Jose Mourinho house and cars

One of the more amazing facts about this man is that Jose Mourinho, throughout his 900 day spell at Manchester United, never bought a house, or rented one or moved into any. He was content staying in a hotel, where while checkout, he paid a bill for a 895-day long stay! It reportedly cost in the region of £500,000 and United picked up the tab the first few months after which Jose negotiated his special prices for a long stay along with separate room-services charges on a weekly basis.

He reportedly has a house in London, one in Italy, one in Spain and five in Portugal. Everybody knows London is Jose’s favorite city and the man has built himself a £25 million house from where he operates now. It is reported that the five houses he has in Portugal are worth £50 million! Have a lok at Jose Mourinhos house and cars

Jose Mourinho endorsements

It was reported back in 2018 that he has struck a new deal with Heinekin which will see him earn £4 million from there alone. He is the brand ambassador of Hublot among other car and luxury brands as well. Mourinho also has a deal with Nike. Also, he is associated with Jaguar as well which was a talking point when signing for United who endorsed Chevrolet.

The brand name of ‘Jose Mourinho’ was registered under Chelsea as well as an intellectual property who then sold it to Manchester United for a seven figure price! Watch & Bet on Football =>

Jose Mourinho Salary: Jose Mourinho net worth

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