Samuel Eto'o net worth: What is Samuel Eto'o's net worth?

Samuel Eto’o net worth: How much is Samuel Eto’o net worth?

How much is Samuel Eto’o net worth? What is Samuel Eto’o net worth? Samuel Eto’o net worth stands at a massive $95 million at least! He is Africa’s most decorated player and has won the African Player of the Year award four times!

He has played for the world’s biggest clubs in FC Barcelona, Chelsea, and Inter Milan. Very few people know this but he also played for Barcelona’s arch-rivals, Real Madrid!

He was a striker and a gifted goal scorer! He was the first player to win the Champions League back to back with two different teams! It was first Barcelona in 2009 and then Inter in 2010. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Samuel Eto'o net worth: How much is Samuel Eto'o net worth?

Samuel Eto’o net worth as of today

Samuel Eto’o is the richest footballer in Africa. He is in the top 20 world’s most famous footballers as well. Having had a long career, he has amassed a personal net worth of $95 million by playing football and being a part of endorsements!

Samuel Eto’o net worth Forbes

Forbes has a special list for African footballers and Samuel Eto’o as expected tops the list. However, as is the case with Forbes on the most list, their update is over a few years old and it values Eto’o’s assets at a lowly $64 million. Forbes also estimated Eto’o to be in the top 100 best-paid athletes and top 20 highest-earning footballers lists.

Samuel Eto’o salary

The biggest salary Eto’o ever earned was at the Russian club Anzhi Makhachkala. He worked really hard all his career and earned decent money but in his final season at Inter, he was only 30 and could have gone to another big European club. Instead, he chose to go to Anzhi where he earned $24 million per year for a period of three years.

After that also he earned $160,000 a week at Chelsea for one season and $130,000 for one season at Everton.

Samuel Eto’o cars

Eto’o likes to lead a lavish lifestyle. Samuel Eto’o has rags to riches story and has made sure he makes the best of his life quality. He has a wide variety of cars and loves to decor them all with fancy paint, gold plating or modified custom number plates. The SE in his car plates stand for Samuel Eto’o and it is a unique feature in his cars.

Here is a list of his supercars, sports cars, and other luxury cars:

  • £1.25m (₦587m) Aston Martin One-77
  • £450k (₦211m) Aston Martin V12 Zagato
  •  £1.7m (₦798m) Bugatti Veyron
  • £750,000 (₦352m) Maybach Xenatec
  • Ferrari 458 Italia Mansory Siracusa
  • £250,000 (₦117m) Rolls-Royce Wraith
  • Ferrari 599 Mansory Stallone (only six units ever made)

Have a lok at Samuel Eto’o cars.

Samuel Eto’o houses

The man has a house in Italy, two in Spain, one in the middle east, and three in Africa. That makes it a total of 7 houses. Wow

Samuel Eto’o is an extremely spendthrift person and has built his massive fortune as it looks from his properties spread across the world.

One of the famous stories about one of his houses is that he used to live in a house which is reportedly haunted by the famous 3000-year-old Egyptian King Tutankhamun!

The story goes that Lord Carnarvon was once the owner of that house, the same man who sanctioned the dig of Howard Carter, the archaeologist who found the tomb of Tutankhamun. Carnarvon was based away soon enough followed by the death of his nephew as well in the house. After a small period, a Gucci model living in that property disappeared as well.

The stories are for entertainment of course but that is all part and parcel of the rich lifestyle!

Eto’o also went on to buy a house for a former Cameroon captain who was living homeless in 2018. Norbert Owona was the man Eto’o helped. Eto’o gave the man and helped his treatment on top of buying the house. Have a lok at Samuel Eto’o house. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Samuel Eto’o endorsements

Out of the multiple brands Eto’o endorses, his two biggest money-makers are Ford and Puma from whom he reportedly made in excess of $3 million every year. Watch & Bet on Football =>

Samuel Eto'o Net Worth 2024

Samuel Eto’o jersey

Eto’o has also online auctioned a few of his match-worn jerseys by signing them. One of his highest earners from this lot was the jersey he wore for Chelsea when they played against Manchester United and the blues won courtesy of a Samuel Eto’o hattrick.

Samuel Eto’o website

Samuel Eto’o has his own website where he talks about himself as a person, his success in football, his other business ventures and also his Fondacion Samuel Eto’o charity. The charity works on a number of poor areas in Cameroon making their lives better via football.

Samuel Eto’o childhood

Samuel Eto’o childhood was not the toughest but certainly difficult. The son of an accountant and a fishmonger, Eto’s youth got more difficult when he moved to France and got rejected by a club. It meant that he lived without proper documents and gambled on possible jail time to make it into football.

Samuel Eto’o wife

Eto’o is married to Georgette Eto’o. She was a US-born hairstylist working in France where Eto’o too was struggling to get his career kick-start in Nantes. They saw through each other’s struggle and she stuck by Eto’o in all his hard times doing long-distance and today they are gifted with the life of financial royalty. Today after 13 years of marriage, the couple has four daughters and one son.

Samuel Eto’o fortune

Eto’o is now a lavishly wealthy man and here is a glimpse of his lifestyle which is based around his $95 million fortune. Watch & Bet on Football =>

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