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Former Arsenal striker has heaped praise on Mason Mount following Chelsea’s 2-0 win against Brighton this weekend. The Blues clinched their first home victory in the league against Brighton and Mount was one of the standout performers in the fixture.

While he created good chances for his teammates to score, Wright raved about his work-ethic and off-the-ball movement in the game.

“He’s taken the opportunity, Frank’s shown a lot of faith in him,” Wright said while analysing Mount’s best bits on Match of the Day,” the former Arsenal marksman said.

“Jorginho’s got to get a mention as well today. But they did create a lot of chances today, I thought they wasted a few of the chances.”

“But Mason Mount, he’s somebody that is making a difference, especially in this area of the field.”

“Once he gets on it, the pace, the power, the skill. Once he gets the ball in this situation he’s taking people on, he’s trying to create something in there, unlucky Tammy there, just over the bar with the strike.”

“His free kick, again Tammy with the header, got to get more on that.”

“And here he’s closing down, he’s looking for Willian to help. Somebody’s got to help him here because he’s going in, going in at pace, and he looks and they’re not doing their job, he’s doing his.”

“With the penalty, he’s literally sniffed it out. The defender’s had a nightmare there but he’s sharp enough, he’s got in there. Great penalty from Jorginho.”

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