How the Kepa incident reunited Chelsea

Willy Caballero explains how Chelsea are reunited due to the Kepa incident.

“First of all it was a strange situation that everybody watched. I had to live with it, we had to live with it. But everybody that was involved in what happened learned something.”

“This just brings something good in the atmosphere of the team, that’s the good news, that we went through this. We passed the last few days in good harmony, trying to talk about things and how to beat Spurs, and we did it. Of course, it (the Kepa incident) was probably very important because it was in a final, but it doesn’t matter. We improved a lot and we are more together than ever.”

“We spoke about it after the incident and it was good to have a chat with him,” said Caballero. “I think he learned lot from what happened, we learned a lot as a team and as a club. The good news is that we are more involved in this, you need to be involved for sure. Sometimes these things push players apart, but in this case we are more together than ever.”

“The boss decided to put me in the goal and he (Kepa) was supporting me in the warm-up and everything, so I think we are in good harmony. I said to him, ‘keep going. I know it is a tough decision but you must keep going’. And he said to me the same, so we support each other. We must keep going like this because as keepers we must support each other.

“We make mistakes because we are human beings, we are people. That’s it. This can be the same for top players or experienced players, we make mistakes in our lives, in our jobs. The good result of this is we have found a lot of people near to him to help him. We trained very well the next day to prepare for the game.

“I think the game against Spurs also helped us. The people in the stadium were involved in the game. That’s what we needed and we need it as a team in every single game we play at home.”

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