Antonio Rudiger Plans On Reaching 'Pinnacle Of Football' With Chelsea

Chelsea have a chance of adding another European trophy to their collection this weekend.

Antonio Rudiger believes winning the Champions League is the pinnacle of the game one might enjoy.

The German defender said, “You watch players lifting trophies, at the training ground you walk around the building, you see the pictures of former players in the last few years and you see yourself, picture yourself and it’s something you cannot replace in your mind.

“It is the pinnacle 100 per cent.

“Of course you dream of this when you’re a youngster, when you are growing up and just starting out. You watch football, you watch Champions League games or whatever trophy.

“It’s good to have this dream but it’s another thing to make it a reality and that is the tough part.

“That is why I’m careful with this, because at the end of the day you have to do the job first and then you can have the reality. Then you look after the good, happy pictures and then it’s nice.

“But to dream too much about it, to picture it, no. You can’t allow yourself.

“What can I say? You don’t need to be motivated for a game like this. Everyone expected that, in the end, we would not go through, that it would be too difficult but that underdog role got something extra out of us all.

“We wanted to prove something and show that we can beat a great side like that. It was double motivation.

“For me, myself, it’s to lead by example and do whatever it takes to win and go through.”

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