Willian To Leave Chelsea This Summer As Blues Refuse To Sign 3 Year Deal

Willian’s request for a three-year contract at Chelsea has been denied, and he is ready to leave in the summer if his request is not fulfilled. 

The 31-year-old had been undergoing contract talks with the Blues, however, it is proving to rather tough for him. Chelsea is not ready to cave in and neither is Willian. 

His contract shall be running out at the end of the season – by June 30th, 2020. The contract talks are currently on hold as the Blues refuse to keep him on at Stamford Bridge for three years, and are only offering two years for the Brazilian international.

However, Chelsea has a rule of adding a year’s extension to any player’s contract, who is over the age of 30. They bent the policy by offering Willian two years, but it’s not enough to convince the winger to stay on at Chelsea.

Willian has expressed his desire to not leave Chelsea. The winger wants to stay on Frank Lampard’s side, especially since his family all live in the UK. 

“Really a very beautiful story that I built at this club, I have a very special affection for the fans, for the people who work there and I identified myself a lot here,” Willian said, according to Fox Sports.

“Everyone knows that my contract ends now in a few months, so the renewal is really a difficult thing to happen.”

“Three years… Chelsea said it would be impossible, so for now theres this difficulty, but nothing is impossible.”

“We don’t know what can happen, suddenly we could make a deal and get it right. But what I can say today is that my contract is getting over and I will be free to negotiate with any team.”

“I think it will be very difficult for me to renew because Chelsea offered me two years, I asked for three and it ended there, we didn’t talk anymore, we didn’t negotiate anymore.

Right now, Arsenal and Tottenham are eyeing the winger in hopes of a free transfer this summer, in case no contract is signed. Willian might join clubs in the Premier League itself but has dismissed his move towards Brazilian football. 

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