Why Guardiola's future may make Chelsea loss their boss

Is it over between Sarri and Chelsea? It has barely been 12 months and Chelsea hierarchy could be set to part ways with the Italian manager.

Lilian Thuram seems to think so because he believes Juventus are looking for a new boss and Guardiola is unlikely to come.

“Guardiola is a great manager, but I think he’s not going to leave Manchester City honestly,” he said on Monday.

“Juventus always had great managers and I think football is wonderful because you can play it in a lot of ways.

“You can win playing with the style of Guardiola or with the style of [Liverpool manager Jurgen] Klopp. They have different styles.

“Juve won a lot of titles in Serie A in a row thanks to a really good manager. And I’m sure the next manager of Juventus will be another great one. The club know what to do as always.”

Hence with Pep out, Sarri naturally becomes next in line in terms of Juve target. However, Thuram cast his doubt over the progress of the deal.

“I don’t know Sarri as manager really well, but I know that his teams play great football,” he said.

“His Napoli played really well and he won with Chelsea, but I read somewhere that he doesn’t want to leave Chelsea.”

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  1. I cannot even read the article because you cannose spell the word “lose” for your headline.
    Proof read your work


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