Why AC Milan should not sign Bakayoko

Remember when Chelsea had won the league under Antonio Conte in 2016-17? The Blues had had a brilliant season and much of the credit when to their midfield axis of N’Golo Kante and Nemanja Matic.

However, to the dismay and astonishment of Conte, Matic was sold the next season and the Chelsea hierarchy brought in a certain Tiemoue Bakayoko from France.

Fresh from his win of the Ligue 1 with a flamboyant AS Monaco team, the young Bakayoko was thought to be an upgrade on Matic.

He was faster, more dynamic and had the same defensive structure of Nemanja and Chelsea thought they had a steal on their hands.

Alas, how wrong did it turn out to be. One season later, Bakayoko looked like a player who did not know how to receive a ball, shield it or pass it.

He was a passenger who cost Chelsea game after game until he was loaned out to AC Milan this season. He has impressed in periods over there but the basic of Bakayoko remains the same, a lethargic footballer with lack of critical or quick thinking on the pitch.

AC Milan do have the option to sign him permanently and that would prove to be a blessing for Chelsea, but given the Frenchman’s lack of talent in the game, Milan could do much better.

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