Thomas Tuchel Reveals How He Improves As A Manger

Thomas Tuchel spoke on where he takes his managerial inspiration from.

Chelsea are yet to be beaten under the German boss, currently fighting for a place in the top four.

“Sometimes it was intuition and sometimes it was planned but I don’t follow a guidance, I don’t follow a leadership book or something else,” Tuchel said.

“When there is time I talk a lot to people who are in leadership roles and in different roles, and I try to learn every day.

“I talk to unknown persons, teachers of classes, the person who runs the school of my daughters, people who sell stuff. This can be a half-an-hour talk.

“It is not important that you only talk to the biggest names out there in the world. It is about leadership from people and that can include teachers and anybody else who is in responsibility for people and for groups, and there you can get inspired.

“I also talk to leaders in sports and the leaders out there of different organisations and sometimes when there is a time, you speak to them and you get influenced. You have your notes and years later you go through your notes and you find some stuff where you feel more comfortable now, because leadership in my experience is a constant change.

“It is also the need to constantly adapt your style to what is needed and to your group, and to change yourself and to develop and to grow.”

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