Thomas Tuchel explains his controversial handshake with Conte

Thomas Tuche has given a written explanation to the FA.

Both the coaches were handed a yellow card in the game but were given straight reds after their tussle at the final whistle.

The FA has charged both Conte and Tuchel with misconduct and both managers explained their reason behind the incident.

Tuchel’s letter stated: “At the end of the match I approached Mr Conte to shake his hand as an act of sportsmanship. Mr Conte took my hand but did not look at me and I considered his demeanour to be a sign of disrespect towards me. I therefore held on to his hand as he walked past me and told him to look me in the eyes when he shakes my hand.

“Mr Conte replied in Italian and acted very aggressively towards me. I did not react to his aggression and did not say anything insulting to him. I acknowledge that I could and should have dealt with Mr Conte’s conduct towards me in a more appropriate manner (for example, by speaking to him privately afterwards). I apologise to The FA and to the Regulatory Commission, for having to bring and consider the charge.”


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