Thomas Tuchel advised to not let Billy Gilmour out on loan

Billy Gilmour advised to stay put at Chelsea and follow Phil Foden’s path at Manchester City.

The 20-year old midfielder was awarded the Man of the Match trophy for his performance against England in the Euros.

He has been advised by Graeme Souness to fight for his place at Stamford Bridge rather than going on loan at Norwich City.

Souness told Sky Sports: “I’d personally keep him at Chelsea. I think Jorginho has to be looking over his shoulder. He’ll be challenging him more than anyone else. I look at Phil Foden at City and Pep didn’t let him go out on loan.

“I look back on my own career and think how did I improve – there was no words of wisdom, no sentence any coach said to me, there was no watershed moment in my career where I turned a corner.

“What made me better, I was 23, went to Liverpool, arguably the best team in the world – certainly the best team in Europe – and I was playing with fabulous players in training every single day.

“I learnt to think quicker, to improve my touch, move the ball quicker and just being around winners – Chelsea have got bundles of them – that will improve him more than playing in a lesser team where it’s a battle every week. That’s how I see it, Phil Foden is an argument for that.”


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