Chelsea boss Maurizio Sarri is of the opinion that Liverpool are more dertermined to win the Premier League than Manchester City.

Before the Premier League started, Liverpool and Manchester City were considered heavy favorites to win the Premier League.

Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester City have all begun their respective Premier League campaigns strongly. These three are the only teams that are unbeaten so far.

However, Maurizio Sarri has ruled out Chelsea from the title race, claiming that they are not at the same level as Manchester City or Liverpool.

Sarri said, “I think that City are a very, very, very good team. Maybe they are the best at the moment. But I think that Liverpool want to win more. So the determination of Liverpool could be higher. Maybe, I don’t know. It’s only my opinion…”

About his team, Sarri said, “They usually are training very well with continuity so the attitude is good. There is probably something from the mental point of view. I have to understand it.

We want to win. But the history of this club is a little bit strange – 2014/15, I think 87 points. 2015/16 50 points. That’s very strange, with the same coach and the same group. Then 93 points and 70 points last season, again with the same coach and group. So the numbers of this group are a little bit strange. I need to understand why. I’m studying.

I think that these numbers tell us something. I don’t know what, at the moment. But I want to understand and I want to help my players to be at the same level.

Maybe if you are lucky or unlucky, you can gain 85 points or 80, but the difference in one season is 43 points! I have to understand why. Then, if I am able to do it, I have to help my players be at the same level for a long period.But I cannot tell you my theories. First of all, I want to tell my players.”

Chelsea ended Liverpool’s winning streak by beating them 2-1 in the Carabao Cup at Anfield thanks to a brilliant winner from Eden Hazard. The Blues take on The Reds today at Stamford Bridge in an attempt to end Liverpool’s Premier League winning streak.


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