September 18, 2019

Following the match, Maurizio Sarri did not hide his disappointment at Chelsea’s performance. He said, “I saw a lot of problems because we played very badly from a physical point of view; mentally, technically and tactically – particularly in the first 20 minutes. I knew very well we had a lot of problems to solve and today it was clear for everybody [to see].

I hope first of all for the players because I told them in the last week that we had a big problem with our approach to the start of matches and today was the same approach. The level of build-up was different and, after 15 minutes, we were 2-0 down.

The defensive phase today was a disaster. I am not talking about the defensive line but the [whole] defensive phase. The offensive players pressed very badly, the midfielders defended not very well and the defensive line, as a consequence, was a disaster. The defensive phase of the team was a disaster.

In the first 25 or 30 minutes, we had big problems to exit from our half. We lost a lot of balls and, against Tottenham, it is very dangerous to lose a lot of balls in your half. In the short counter-attack, they are probably the best in Europe.”

Chelsea next face PAOK in a Europa League encounter on Thursday at Stamford Bridge. The Blues won the away leg 1-0 at Thessaloniki two months back.

Chelsea’s next Premier League fixture is against Fulham on Sunday. The Cottagers’ first match under new coach Claudio Ranieri ended in a 3-2 win against Southampton yesterday.



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