Roy Keane blasts Barkley

Roy Keane has said that he is not impressed with Chelsea star Ross Barkley.

“He’s not impressed me too much over the past year or two when I’ve seen him, so I think he’s lucky to get back into the team,” he told ITV.

“There is talent there but I just don’t think he shows it enough. For an attacking midfielder, I don’t think he gets enough goals or assists. He’s absolutely lucky to be in the team.”

“Probably on the bench, particularly in international football. He’s not done enough and when you’re not sure about a player’s best position, that sort of answers it all.

“For an attacking-minded player, he doesn’t do enough in terms of creating chances and getting goals.”

Lee Dixon also added his two cents to the Barkley debate.

“Whenever I watch him, I never really know where his best position is. You think if you’d play 32 times for England, you could kind of work that out at some point.

“He had a decent start for Chelsea but then he’s gone off the boil a bit. But where is his best position? Somebody tell me!”

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  1. Usually never listen to what Roy Keane has to say, but I have to agree with him on the Ross Barkley issue. He takes far too many touches and his passing is not great. He needs to more aggressive in attack and limit his touches and make more incisive pass in the opponents third. He is bit of enigma at the moment, not sure which Barkley will show up.. He is behind Mason Mount, Kovacic and is slipping further down the selection order. Needs to improve..


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