Mikel - Mourinho has tough but good management policy

John Obi Mikel has talked about the tough management policy of Jose Mourinho.

He told the Athletic: “He didn’t just help me football-wise, he was one of the guys who helped me grow up.

“There is no messing about anymore. I had to wake up. The Mourinho way of making you wake up is not easy.

“He will make you sweat, he will punish you in different ways.

“He will make you pay at the training ground. He will isolate you, he will put you out of the team, the squad. He will take you out of training.”

“When I see it happening to other players, I know exactly what he’s doing.

“He wants a reaction. He will do it again and again until he gets the reaction he wants.

“You just have to take it positively. The moment you take it in a bad way and he can see you’ve done that, it will get worse and worse.

“But if he gives you a little jab and you respond positively, he will be there to help you during those difficult times. I wish players would understand what he’s trying to do. It does work.”

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