Lampard identifies where Chelsea can improve

Frank Lampard has said that Chelsea nearly won the match but also nearly lost it. 

It was true actually as the game swung from end to end. Lampard has told his team now to be not just more clinical but also to defend better so that they do not concede so many chances. 

‘We nearly won it, nearly lost it. It was end to end, not that we wanted it to be,’ the Chelsea manager told BT Sport.

‘It’s difficult to come here, I know that from coming here as a player. When the atmosphere turns, sometimes you’re hanging on, but it keeps it in our hands.

‘Parts of our performance I’m not mad on. We gave away too many chances. We missed a lot as well. That’s something we’re doing a lot of at the minute – not putting our chances away.

‘But you can’t turn away from fact they had a lot of chances. They were arriving in our box too much. ‘Credit to the players for their work-rate and hanging on in there, but sometimes you have to be more secure than that.’


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