Lampard explains what he must do to become a top coach

Frank Lampard acknowledges that he have to do solidify Chelsea’s defence to become a ‘top coach’.

Chelsea has leaked 54 goals in 37 Premier League matches this season and the Chelsea boss admits that he needs to consolidate its defence position.

The Chelsea boss needs to revamp the squad, with a left-back and centre-back among the top priorities and he is already aware of the changes he needs to amend.

“I think if you want to become a top coach you have to try to be very aware of all parts of the pitch,” said Lampard.

“Some of the greatest coaches will come from different positions on the pitch, it’s more how aware you are of how you want your team to be collectively, and how you work with them individually.

“And we have a coaching staff as a group which we work very hard to try to be as defensively good as we can be, of course.

“There are lots of mitigating circumstances around that, we’ve conceded too many goals, I’m very aware of it.

“I feel like I know a lot of the reasons why, and we need to keep working to make sure that we get that down.

“When we look at the two domestic games ahead of us, and importantly as well when we look onto next season and onwards!

For now, Chelsea will look forward to seal Champions League football for next term and win the FA Cup against Arsenal on August 1st.


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