Lampard hits back at Klopp's code of conduct

The 5-3 encounter between Chelsea and Liverpool was highly entertaining. 

However, what has caught the attention is the touchline spat between Lampard and Klopp and his coaches. 

Lampard mouthed off angrily after Liverpool staff smirked and gloated of their superiority. Although Frank apologized for his words, he did not hold back from calling the Liverpool coaches arrogant for their classless taunting behavior. On the other hand, Klopp found Lampard’s reaction okay as it was during the game when emotions run high but found it tough to accept that his coaches are arrogant despite his trainers interfering pointlessly to grab the limelight. 

This is what Lampard had to say after Klopp told the Englishman to learn more as a manager. 

‘It was against the code of how it works on the bench,’ said the Chelsea boss. ‘Managers will call for decisions and it may be right or wrong — and then you speak with each other.

‘But when people on the bench jump up and want to speak across to me, and then smirk and smile, and then continue to do so for quite a while, that is past the code.

‘Not Jurgen Klopp, but people behind crossed the line and that’s what got me agitated.’

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