Lampard Disagrees With Klopp Over Being Title Favourites
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Frank Lampard has denied the possibility of being title favourites.

Earlier recently, Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp had stated that out of all Premier League teams, he sees the Blues winning the title this season – thanks to their excellent squad. However, Lampard disagrees.

“It is a long season,” Lampard told BT Sport. “If it makes people who are talking about us, saying we are going to win the league, we have got the best squad in the league. It is ridiculous stuff.

“When you talk about best squads, you have to look at the teams who have won it in the last two, three, four years. Their squads are full of strikers and wingers who score 30 or 40 goals a season and midfield players who have won multiple league titles all over the place.

“We have some, but we have young players and as a squad we are not there.

“In two or three years if I am still here and have a couple of leagues in our pocket and you ask me if we are title contenders I will say yes, but at the moment people want to look at our squad and talk about it.

“It is very quick that it has gone from after West Brom and Southampton and we were nowhere near good enough, rubbish, useless. Now last week we have the best squad in the league and are going to win it.

“We are probably somewhere in the middle and that’s the reality of it.”

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