Lampard assured of Chelsea board backing

Frank Lampard has expressed his confidence that the Chelsea hierarchy understands the challegne he faces at the club.

Chelsea are currently fourth in the league and are in realy danger of missing out on the 4th spot. However, Frank has said that the board understands the current situation of the Chelsea team and why they are unable to compete at the top level. 

“I think the landscape of the Premier League has changed,” said Lampard.

“Manchester City and Liverpool have set incredible standards in the league, and also we had some outside influences with the [transfer] ban and with circumstance, a huge player [Eden Hazard] left the club. Those things are there.

“We are certainly on the same page here when I speak with the board and we have all our conversations, there is no doubt we know we are fighting for fourth place.”

“It is a very dated phrase, when people say ‘you are Chelsea, there is no way you should be happy with fourth’; no, the Premier League has changed,” added Lampard.

“It is not like it was for Manchester United players 15 or 20 years ago, or Chelsea players when we were first or second for a period in the mid-2000s.

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