Lampard dismisses Kepa rumours

Frank Lampard has dismissed all rumours of Kepa planning to leave Chelsea.

However, Chelsea will definitely what to do with Kepa in the future and discuss terms of stay with him – but nothing planned as of now.

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s trip to Bournemouth, Lampard told a news conference: “My relationship is fine, between player and manager. I have 20 or so players to keep happy and I can’t keep them all happy at the same time. All I expect is professionalism in training, which Kepa has given. The position is the same: you train well to try to get in the team when you’re not in it. When you play, you try to play at performance levels that keep you in the team,” said Lampard.

“They are the standards we have to have at this club. Every player is in control of their own destiny to a degree with that and how they turn up every day, and Kepa has been training well. But Willy is also training well and has also been playing pretty well – he made some good saves against Bayern [Munich on Tuesday]. So, I have competition there and I will decide as we go. I am very strong on how you turn up every day is pivotal in how you are as a Chelsea player,” he added.

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