Kepa Arrizabalaga slammed by Chris Sutton

Kepa Arrizabalaga’s unprofessional behavior has called for many fans and pundits to pour in their opinion. One such man is Chris Sutton who wants Kepa to be gone from the club for setting such a disgraceful example for footballers.

“After this, Kepa should never play for Chelsea again,” he told the Daily Mail.

“To point-blank refuse to be substituted is a disgrace. It’s disgusting. I have never seen anything like it on a football field.

“It is a complete lack of respect from a player towards his manager.

“What kind of an example is this for youngsters up and down the country playing grassroots football?

“The incident was damning for Maurizio Sarri. If this had happened at any club I played for during my career, we would have dragged the goalkeeper off the pitch ourselves.

“Why did none of the Chelsea players do that at Wembley?

“How can Sarri now stand in the dressing room at Stamford Bridge and expect Kepa — or indeed any of the Chelsea players — to carry out his instructions?

“Kepa also showed a lack of respect to Willy Caballero and that relationship will surely be difficult to mend.

“Regardless of whether this is the end for Sarri, Kepa’s actions were inexcusable.”

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