Jenas blames all parties involved in Kepa incident

The Kepa Arrizabalaga incident has spread like wildfire on all fronts.

The goalkeeper refused to be subbed off last night despite the manager very clearly wanting him to come off. His unprofessional behavior saw Chelsea make a mockery of themselves in public and the goalkeeper is now in the middle of the firing line.

However, another not-so-serial trophy winner Jermain Jenas has passed on his ‘expert’ opinion saying that Sarri should have shown more class when defeated.

“His players have done him proud today,” Jenas told BBC Radio 5 live. “They are an inferior team to Manchester City now and they took them all the way. For him not to be congratulating the opposition or consoling his players shows a lack of class for me.

“The fact he went inside and was not out there with his players is one thing, but it has to be infuriating for one of your players to categorically tell you to ‘do one’ and say I’m staying on this pitch.

“This is a huge blemish. It all boils down to what is going on between Sarri and his players. That does not happen – there’s a lack of respect somewhere along the line.”

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