Joao Felix wants to play in the Premier League but in a Champions League club

Joao Felix wants to stay in the Premier League, but the Chelsea striker is searching for a team that plays in the Champions League

The 23-year-old moved from Atletico Madrid to the Blues during the January transfer window. He has been one of Londoners’ few shining moments throughout a dismal season. Felix wants Chelsea to play in the Champions League despite the likelihood that they will finish outside of the European spots. He wants to play in the Premier League again, but it might be against a Chelsea foe.

Felix is aware that the procedure would be challenging. The international player from Portugal is prepared for Atletico Madrid’s preseason. With his three goals since signing, Felix hasn’t exactly lit up Stamford Bridge, but the Blues want to keep him.

A permanent move involving a player exchange with Atletico Madrid or another loan were options they were examining. However, it appears that Felix is looking elsewhere for the player desperate for European action, something Chelsea cannot offer. He won’t be playing for Atletico Madrid in the upcoming season, that much is certain. Diego Simeone, his head coach, and he no longer get along well.

The CEO of Atletico Madrid lobbied for the €127 million acquisition of Felix from Benfica. The Spanish executive supported the supporting striker to succeed despite Simeone’s punches, but he is willing to acknowledge defeat and trade him. At the moment, the Premier League’s Champions League slots are held by Manchester City, Arsenal, Newcastle United, and Manchester United. Liverpool is also competing.

Felix is hoping that one of them will approach him. Before Chelsea outbid them with a $11 million offer to Atletico for a six-month loan, Arsenal expressed interest in his talents. As they get ready to play in the Champions League for the first time in six years, the Gunners might go back for him. Felix’s asking price from Atletico Madrid is £88 million (€100 million). They might, however, agree to another season-long loan.

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