Ian McGarry believes that Chelsea have an agreement in place with Eden Hazard that will see the Belgian leave for Real Madrid in the summer.

“This is a saga that’s been running without a full commitment by the player to say where he’s playing football,” he told The Transfer Window podcast.

“Last summer before the transfer window even closed, I said on this show that I believed that Hazard already had an agreement with Chelsea that he would stay one more year and they would allow him to leave in the summer of 2019 – and his destination would be Real Madrid. At that point, I said that’s why Hazard was so calm.

“Now, what’s happened since then? He recently admitted in a France Football interview that he asked Chelsea to leave after last summer’s World Cup, he wanted to move then, but was persuaded to stay.

“Tick, that’s what we revealed as well. We said that he had been persuaded to stay for one more year.

“Then he followed it up with an interview only this week in a Belgian newspaper with a journalist who’s very close to him and his family, and in it he said: ‘I know what I’m doing in my future and I’m very happy with it.’

Now given that there’d been no negotiations whatsoever with Hazard and Chelsea – just by Chelsea constantly, constantly trying to get him and his legal representation, he doesn’t have an agent as such, he was (has) some lawyers who deal with his contract negotiations around the table – I wouldn’t say it’s the end of the story, but it’s the biggest hint yet that that’s where he’s gonna be heading.”

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