Forgotten player bounces back to fight for place at Chelsea

When a player is in the club but has not been able to play due to injuries, it’s easy to not remember that player – like Marco van Ginkel.

He has been with the Blues since 2013, but suffered major injuries to his knee, thus disabling him to play for the club. 

When he was younger and active, van Ginkel was regarded as a highly qualified midfielder. Lately, he has had to get three surgeries in the past week just to drain fluid from his knee.

“You get dispirited when you hear everything has to be done again. I needed a new surgery, but didn’t know when,” he said.

“My knee needed flushing out to get rid of that infection, so I had three surgeries in six days.

“That was quite an event, but infections like that could end your career. I wasn’t thinking about that, though.

“The flushing out helped me a lot, but I had to wait four to five months before I could get going again. That was a long time. I have gone through dark times.

“I usually am a very positive minded person. The people around me always supported me, as does Chelsea.

“I won’t give up easy, because I’m not a quitter. Of course, I had some very bad days, though.”

The question here, will he be able to play and achieve more under Frank Lampard? That’s a question which is not easy to answer.

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