Eden Hazard answered back to Sarri

In light of Chelsea’s 4-0 thrashing at the hands of Bournemouth, Sarri locked himself in the dressing room with his players for over an hour. It is now being claimed by Ian McGarry that Hazard was in no mood to be taken to the cleaners and answered back to his coach.

“I’m told he singled out Eden Hazard in particular for his performance, Hazard did answer him back and received a very fearsome rebuke for even daring to speaks back.

“You’ve got other players in the team who are experienced like David Luiz who is, if anything the most pragmatic of players.

“It’s getting to the stage now where the players don’t really understand, not just what he’s trying to get them to do, but they don’t understand why he won’t listen, why he wont even change or at least be slightly malleable with regards to the way that he’s set up.

“We all know that Jorginho/Kante argument has run all season and I have said it before that the Chelsea players don’t understand why they re being deprived of the best central defensive midfielder in the Premier League playing in his proper position.

“That’s fine when they’re winning games but when you get trashed 4-0 at Bournemouth then these questions are going to rise and voices will be more loud about it as well.

“Once you lose the faith of the players it’s very difficult to retain that. The easiest and quickest way obviously is by getting results but following what happened at Bournemouth that’s going to be difficult.”

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