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Chelsea advised to offload trio for £110 million to dodge FFP repercussions

Chelsea FC has been asked to offload three significant players for £110 million to avoid potential Financial Fair Play (FFP) charges, according to a former financial advisor affiliated with Manchester City.

The Premier League giants have been under fire for their massive spending binge since Todd Boehly and Clearlake Capital took over from Roman Abramovich in May 2022.

With an enabled loss of £105 million over three years, or £35 million per year, Chelsea has the difficult challenge of reduction the team to comply with FFP standards. The repercussions of noncompliance have been firmly shown by Everton and Nottingham Forest’s points reductions this season for similar breaches.

Football finance expert, Stefan Borson, believes Chelsea could be looking at a stronger punishment from the Premier League compared to Everton and Forest.

‘Possibly more severe,’ Borson told talkSPORT.

‘I think the scale of the losses they’re currently forecasting, to me, appear to be vastly in excess of both Everton and Nottingham Forest.’

‘There was an assumption with Mason Mount, because he was announced on Manchester United’s website on July 1 that [his sale] had been put into this current season,’ Borson said.

‘So the £55m of profit was in this season. It now transpires that Mason Mount appears to have been transacted in 2022/23 and that is how they got through.’

When it was suggested that Chelsea now have a £55m hole this season, Borson replied: ‘Correct.

‘Because we also know from the BlueCo accounts that they are currently, from the post-balance sheet events, that they are something like £48m in profit for this year.

‘But of course, this year from an operating perspective, is going to be even worse than last year because they’ve got no Champions League and no Europe at all.’

When questioned on how Chelsea can financially cope without European football, Borson replied: ‘Really, they have to find buyers for Trevoh Chalobah for £20m, Armando Broja for £40m, and Conor Gallagher for £50m.

‘It’s those sort of deals that need to be done. And by the way, they all need to be done by June 30. That, as we know, is articulated within the Forest decision.

‘There’s a whole conversation about how hard it is to sell players in the period before June. The Premier League actually suggested that more or less that it was impossible.’

The prescribed solution for Chelsea is the sale of significant first-team assets, which is critical to avoiding FFP sanctions before the June 30 deadline.

The club’s hierarchy must strike a difficult balance between financial responsibility and keeping competitiveness on the field.

As rumours of potential departures surface, the spotlight turns squarely on Stamford Bridge, as fans prepare for the repercussions of an enforced player exodus.

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